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A nursery for silence

I can’t say that I unreservedly loved the landscape of the Boundary Waters at first sight; rather, it was a place that slowly wore a groove into me, through appeal to my other senses. 314 more words


I started this blog to build my writing confidence and share my musings with a friendly audience of family members and friends who I knew would love me regardless of how terrible the blog posts turned out. 178 more words


Fall Camping

On Sunday Jared and I were realizing how exhausted we were from the previous week and yeah the house was a mess as well.  Any respectable, responsible person would have stayed home, taken a good nap and cleaned the house BUT that wouldn’t be any fun now would it?   448 more words



No, I was not interested in going there.   After all, the only wilderness worth anything was mountains.  (more on mountains soon)   Who would wish to visit a land devoid of mountains and covered in dark northern forests and grey, gloomy lakes?  1,814 more words


A Trip Out of Bounds

Boundary Waters is the world’s most welcoming and laid back border crossing. Instead of guards and guns are seemingly endless, slow lapping lakes, rivers and bays decorated in the wonderful rarity of complete isolation. 251 more words

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