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Sounds of the Boundary Waters: The Moose Crash

I was just skimming the surface of sleep, so I was the first to hear the sticks snapping. I know from experience that in a dark, pre-dawn woods, even small critters can sound like a T-Rex crashing its way across the landscape. 701 more words

Knife Lake Boundary Waters 2014

Recently I had another great trip to the Boundary Waters. We visited Knife Lake for the first time. Weather was amazing with the exception of one wicked thunderstorm and fishing was overall poor but the few fish I caught made it worthwhile. 282 more words


Summer Fishing Leads to Lifetime Memories

All four of my kids love to go fishing.  Now that they are getting a bit older, the boat becomes crowded in a hurry.  Our new protocol has my dad (grampa) and I taking two kids at a time.   337 more words



On another trip to this wonderful area we were camped at Lower Basswood Falls. After dinner, we sat overlooking the river. The wonderful white galleons of the day had passed leaving the sky cloudless.  695 more words


The hyper-vigilant beaver

There was one animal in the Boundary Waters that wasn’t shy – the beaver.

Go ahead, make your jokes. We did. And so did everyone else in the vicinity of Ely, which contains at least one retail establishment called “Beaver’s Liquor.” (I thought using the possessive form was an unforgivable punt, but not everyone is as vulgar as I am.) 883 more words


On this particular two‑week trip we were, for three nights, camped on an island in Crooked Lake and were returning to it in our canoe, from a visit to Curtain Falls. 762 more words


The Boundary Waters wilderness by taste: Wintergreen

Our paddling partner, Fred, has been Travis’s close friend since the two of them were in fifth grade together in Anamosa, Iowa. They’ve been exploring the wilds together for the same amount of time.   916 more words