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Two Missed Plays & You Lose Your Damned Mind Saints Fans!

The New Orleans Saints are a paltry 1-3 and the sky is apparently falling for some of you. Some of you have already  packed away this season into the “let’s play for draft picks’ category. 492 more words


Bountygate vs Ray Rice investigation. Who Dat’s cry… “No fair!”


The more uncovered about the NFL commissioners handling of Ray Rice`s domestic abuse case, the more infuriated Saints fans are getting.

Controversy surrounds if Roger Goodell saw the inside elevator footage before handing down Rice’s two game suspension, or didn`t he? 298 more words


For Goodell it Appears The Chickens Have Come Home To Roost

If the report from theScore.com is holds any water then the days of Roger Goodell holding the top office in the NFL are numbered.  The purported falsehood that the front office has sold to the whole world about 249 more words


Get Roger Goodell Out Of The NFL

I actually wrote a similar story a few years ago for a class about current NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to just leave the league entirely. I was very proud to write the essay because it didn’t just earn myself an A, but I was very pleased to share all of my hardcore facts to prove my point. 779 more words