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How bourgeois!

This is where we strayed off topic a bit. Our next reality check appeared when we studied about Marxist’s definition of ideologies, Althussers concepts of Ideological State Apparatus (ISA) and Repressive State Apparatus (RSA) and Roland Barthes’ idea of Myth. 741 more words

Science And Liberal Arts

two types of architecture

It is space limiting space; to reduce the infinite and unbounded horizon to concrete slabs, walls, ceilings, floors. To lock doors and windows to keep them who are not wanted. 137 more words

Chain Wig Madness @onlyBourgeiosie

Bourgeiosie has an artistic take on drag, she doesn’t conform.

Drag Queens Of London

Room Service!!! Featuring @Bourgeoisie And @JodieHarsh

Doors opening in just a few hours,  Room Service London will be hosting two of London’s hottest drag queens, Miss Jodie Harsh and American Transfer Bourgeoisie.

Drag Queens

Room Service London Featuring @JodieHarsh and @Bourgeoisie!

Two of London’s hottest drag queens come together for Room Service London Thursday. Club Room Service at 12-13 Greek Street, London, has 2 for 1 drink specials from 10P – 11:30P so get there early.

Drag Queens Of London


Gonna wanna suck his chunklet

That’s how it goes

Mrs. Strumpet                                                                          

Gonna wanna seen his weiner

Bet there ain’t been nothin’ cleaner

But I’m

            A connoisseur… 32 more words