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The Radically Flawed Ideas that Fueled the Century of Death: Part 3

This is the third of four posts about some of the false assumptions of Marxism. The first post introduced the series and gave some historical background to the history of Marxism and how it contributed to the century of death. 1,495 more words


The Dead Science

“You are all rotten fruit
I’ll crush you underneath my hoof
Then I’ll take the poisoned juice
And feed it to my chosen few” -Lonesome Wyatt… 1,233 more words

[SUT.14.1.19] The Way Forward

The Way Forward:
Only the Conscious Proletariat Can Bring an End to Racism and Violent Repression
This blog post is also available as a pamphlet in PDF format which includes a section criticizing civilian review boards, a demand raised by several in the left. 4,054 more words


Obama Proposing to Tax the 1%...Again.

In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx theorized that a social class is formed when its members achieve class consciousness and solidarity. This happens when those who make up the social class decide that they are being used and abused by those who hold power over them, by means of money or station in life.  970 more words


Hobsbawm's Age of Revolution - The World in the 1780s

Hobsbawm‘s opening chapter is a dazzling survey of the world (specifically, the European world) on the eve of the “dual revolution”. He sketches out the forces and relations of production and shows how intellectual and political structures and developments derived from this economic base. 1,959 more words


Interstellar ky udhëtim distopik

“Progresi dhe barbarizmi sot janë të gërshetuar aq shumë me njëri-tjetrin në kulturën masive saqë vetëm asketizmi barbar ndaj këtij të fundit dhe ndaj progresit në mjetet teknike do të mund të rehabilitonte një situate jobarbare.”– Theodor W.

1,138 more words
Kritika Të Filmit

The Guntry Club.

(Inspired by an article by Mike Rosenwald.)

After a long day upon the irksome stock exchange

Isn’t it refreshing to go to the shooting range? 93 more words