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Second Year at University...

So it appears I have returned to Bournemouth for another go at the university. Now what brought me back? Well probably the fact that I chose to take on this course and the fact that I am determined to finish it… … 44 more words

A Wild Dog Adventure: The End of the Road

Whilst the end of my journey here has arrived, for the Dogs and all the other animals, life and its struggles continues. Conservation of every species on the planet is important, but I would implore anyone to help this particular species. 1,307 more words

African Wild Dog


Well this is me, Olive, at the beginning of my journey.  I am an eighteen year old student, lost from the world and lost from herself, ready to embark upon the world of blogging. 631 more words


Message from BHstopEDL.

First of all, thanks to the organisers of the “We are Bournemouth” event, and to everyone who supported it.

The mood of the town was overwhelmingly in favour of a peaceful and inclusive protest to illustrate how united our communities are in their opposition to the EDL’s narrow racism. 113 more words


Message from BHstopEDL Bournemouth 23rd August:

♡ Love Bournemouth? ♡ Oppose the EDL! ♡

BHstopedl will be mustering outside Dean Park Cricket Ground on Cavendish Road, where we will move as a bloc together onto Dean Park Road and into the back of Horseshoe Common and towards the ‘We Are Bournemouth’ demonstration. 35 more words


Hindsight's a bitch.

I wish I was about to start writing a blog about how much I’m enjoying my placement so far, how enlightening working in the “real” world has been and how excited I am to pursue a career in the travel industry.   353 more words


Hillview Art

Supporting up-and-coming photographer at her exhibition at The Hillview Art Gallery.

Well done Grace, you rocked!

For more information regarding Grace’s work, check out her website