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Frantic Footsteps on the Sands of Time

Today I went into Boston to pick up my visa for study abroad, and while that went off without a hitch, I’m going to preface this post with a couple of travel maxims. 857 more words

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The Quad Report: Law & Order and the secret of life

Welcome back to another rousing edition of the Quad Report, a weekly roundup of all the articles you may have missed this week while you were snapping Instagram pics of yourself wearing nothing but an American flag and a cowboy hat. 605 more words


Holy Cross Goes to...Colby, Bowdoin, and Williams

In the original proposal, Matt and I  explained that it is crucial for us to closely analyze other colleges in the region that has an established garden/farm. 893 more words

Herring Gull vertebrae on Hay Island

Got this idea from Jackson Bloch, where you take pictures through the reverse end of your binoculars, giving a weird fish-eye effect. He got the idea from his advisor, Professor and Biology Dept Chair Nat Wheelwright, who was on the island this past week.

Kent Island

Pluralism in a Post-Christian Culture: A Defense of Bowdoin

I’ve been working on this post for two days and find it’s one of the hardest I’ve dealt with. Probably because the risk of being misunderstood is so high and because readers may feel that I’m being insensitive to their beliefs. 967 more words

Just Plain Sociology

Kicking Christians Out of College

Does being an evangelical Christian automatically make one an anti-gay bigot? If so, can tolerant universities still allow such groups among their students? Those are the tricky questions highlighted in a recent… 596 more words

Higher (Power) Education

Bowdoin College bans Christian student groups on campus

From the radically leftist New York Times. (H/T Nancy P.)


For 40 years, evangelicals at Bowdoin College have gathered periodically to study the Bible together, to pray and to worship.

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