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Schinnen Bowling Leagues - Kids, Mixed Adults, and Women Leagues

Contact the Schinnen Bowling Center for more information at 0031 (0)46-443-7207 or DSN 360-7207. There will also be a daytime Womens’ League at 1000 – 1230 every Thursday, which will compete with the evening Womens’ League.

Upcoming Events

Final Day in Boston

Okay, okay, I’m sorry I haven’t posted in forever, I’ve been a bit busy sue me. Okay not really, I don’t think you have any grounds for it anyways.  382 more words

Fact No. 3726

Bowlers have to play like they’re having sex. You’ve got wood in the alley, balls in your hand, and lube for the game. Too much lube and you won’t get a good hook to hit the sweet spot, not enough lube and you won’t make it to the end, if you end up in a gutter, you’re doing it wrong.



I have for a long time been a big Ajit Agarkar fan. A lot of my friends think this is weird. I think they are weird. 420 more words

Ajit Agarkar

Pep Bowling is the Best Bowling

If an underdog bowling movie were made about me, it would mostly be a bunch of montages of me bowling horribly, while my beleaguered mentor (probably played by Emilio Estevez) cringes from the sidelines. 211 more words


Love Wakes Up


love wakes up

love wakes up

like a bowling ball pitched

through the front window

of that old house where

your sadness used to live… 37 more words

Midwestern Open Tournaments - Plaza Lanes

The first chance that I had to bowl one of Ricky Matsko’s events, the  Midwestern Open Tournaments, and Plaza Lanes at the end of June was the first chance that I got to bowl one of them. 2,315 more words