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Bowser Amiibo Back Up On GameStop Website

Now you see it, now you don’t. That’s generally the things with Amiibo. You will be pleased to know that the ultra popular Bowser Amiibo is… 41 more words


Headless Bowser Amiibo Spotted

Haha best Bowser defect pic.twitter.com/DdPVIUU1pr

— Powdered Toast Tiger (@KyanosTiger) January 24, 2015

Wow, these defective Amiibo figures seem to be getting slightly out of hand.

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Reimagined Retro Gaming Icons

Cryptid-Creations has created a brilliant series of alternate takes on classic retro gaming characters including famous faces from the Sonic, Mario and Zelda franchises.

You can see more on the  40 more words

Killer Kitsch News

rainbow quiche and octogenarian shenanigans

Well, that was an exciting afternoon. The parents have decided to spend a bit more of my inheritance and have buggered off to the Gambia for a week or two, leaving Nana Dearest in the care of me and my sister. 799 more words

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More Daily Doodles

Hey everybody,

Here are a bunch of daily doodles and sketches from this past week. These were done traditionally using micron markers.

Pretty much all video game related stuff with the exception of a monster a henchman and a couple dudes. 96 more words

Toad & Bowser themed Wii Remotes Heading to Japan

Full article available here.

Japan is getting two new Wii Remote Plus controllers on March 12.


“a particular set of skills” – Super Mario Taken parody by WTFLOL

Originally posted online for MCM Buzz.

Mario does have a particular set of skills, skills that he has acquired over a very long career. In over 34 years, he has been a doctor, toy-making company CEO, athlete and kart-racer. 94 more words

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