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July 2013 - Found the "wee wee of excitement" story!

July 2nd - Joys of apartment living: Story, Sam and I go for a walk to get the mail. On the way back, Sam decides to take a poop. 715 more words


My mind had been completely blank. There had been so much to think and write about, but I hadn’t found the motivation to engage myself to thinking and writing. 1,046 more words


Action Tips For 2014 (2)

We started a short series on the precise actions we should take this year. This series is focussed on taking ownership. We at NakedSter are not preaching selfishness or that untoward attribute of the usurper. 332 more words

One of those mums....

…. Who will eat of my child’s plate before they are done eating…. Or take some of their crisps. I can’t help it. I often tell the Husband off for doing it and then 2 seconds later, there I am with MY hands down the cookie jar so to speak. 84 more words


The Zen Of Stitching!

Winter darkness prevails, as does the cold and snowflakes crashing into the windows. Keeping sane until Spring arrives, gets so much easier when occupying your hands with small things, and your mind with perhaps somewhat bigger issues, though I will leave that unconfirmed. 768 more words