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Island Diaries, the Sequel: United Colors of Water Sports

There are a handful of kids in the building this week aside from Boy and Girl. One Colombian boy, who only speaks Spanish; two Belgian brothers who speak French and Gaelic (but no English or Spanish); and my spawn, who only speak English and Sarcasm. 285 more words

Island Diaries

Island Diaries, the Sequel: The Modesty Police

Boy was looking out the sliding glass window/door, which opens up to the pool deck.

Boy: Oh God. No one look outside.
Girl: Why? What? 266 more words

Island Diaries

Love is still in the air

For the past eight years I’ve been in a relationship, I must agree with the quote I posted above. As days go by I noticed that things changed between us. 365 more words

Sammy Dailies

Bharatiya Sanskriti

Boy was in a park behind a Tree with his Girl-friend …

Old man: Beta, kya ye hamari Sanskriti hai?

Boy: Nahin uncle! Ye Pallavi hai. 7 more words


"Boys will be Girls"

So there are a few things that I feel we NEED to do in the next say 10 years.
1) the environment… somehow we have to help progress it… 669 more words

Bagpipes and Bribery

So Girl has decided she wants to play the cello next year. Fine. That will last exactly 4 seconds, but whatever.
Boy, who plays piano, now wants to also play… wait for it… bagpipes. 72 more words

Boy And Girl

Fencing, Math and the Obvious

Boy informed me that he wants to learn how to fence. That being a sport I would actually go watch, I enthusiastically began researching online. Then delayed-reaction common sense kicked in. 145 more words

Boy And Girl