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Interview: A.B., Adult Directioner

Boy Bands 101 returns with an enlightening interview discussing the transition from being an adolescent to an adult boy band fan. A.B., who wishes to remain anonymous, discusses boy bands’ influence on perceptions of love, dating, and relationships, as well as social media’s impact on expressing fandom. 1,368 more words

Boy Bands

Throwback Thursday

Everyone remembers the boy bands, Pop/R&B craze of the 90′s and I have to be honest the majority of the music played on radio stations were garbage. 59 more words


He Said - She Said ~ The A to Z of Japanese Music - The Letter E ! ! !

She Says: Welcome back to our almost weekly series about Japanese Pop, Rock, Punk and Indie.  Life and love distracted us from the important things like… 1,292 more words

What's YOUR Guilty Pleasure? - Late 90's Boy Bands

I’m a rocker at heart. I’m also a guy who used to be a club DJ back in the 90′s, so I learned to appreciate an entirely different genre of music: dance-pop. 28 more words


Late 90's Boy Bands

I hate to admit this: I enjoy late 90’s boy bands.

I’m not a guy who sits back and cranks up N’Sync every day, but I’m not a massive hater of the genre, either. 394 more words

Guilty Pleasure

Ovation: Collabro.

There are Boy Bands, boy bands, “boy bands” and then there is Collabro who, after only one month, auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent.  Enjoy. 51 more words


My first concert was...

All week, I kept seeing this post pop up in my news feed on facebook.

After a blogging friend Cheri part took in answering this, i decided i wanted to answer as well. 450 more words