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We’ve been writing about this awesome boy band for a while now, but we haven’t found a band name that we truly LOVE, know what I mean? 238 more words


New Kids on the Block Challenge To Boy Bands!

Although boy bands have become a little scarce over the years it looks like some former bands are not trying to let the dream go. (No, shade) 203 more words

Hey Mikey

Maroon 5 V Album Review

So the man band  from LA  is back playing your favourite new and improved contemporary rock/pop tunes. So the question is, have the band improved there sound? 136 more words

Maroon 5- Overexposed Album Review

Maroon 5- one  of my favourite  rock/pop bands out at present mixed with their 4rth studio album to date-hits allt he right notes.

There is a particular song on this album (refer to Lucky Strike) that I think should make the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack. 144 more words

Watch The Backstreet Boys Visit The Home Of Former Manager And Ponzi Schemer Lou Pearlman

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First and foremost, there is a Backstreet Boys documentary being released this month. If you are excited about this, this is a safe space to share that. 153 more words

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CAN FINALLY SHARE MY GOOD NEWS!!! I’m writing a new book series with 4 other FABULOUS AUTHORS. And it’s about a boy band. Each one of the authors is taking a member of the band and writing a book about them! 6 more words

Those Tweens, Those Tweens, Those Silly Tweens

Just like all other tweens and teens right now, Oldest loves her some boy bands. One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer are her 2 favs. 382 more words