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fall semester week 8: top 10 boy band singles you cant get out of your head

Boy bands have come and gone through the decades. Some have left their mark in the music business such as The Beatles and The Jackson 5… 1,363 more words

Boy Bands

Announcement: I am not a tween.

Today I tried to listen to 5 Seconds of Summer. (5SOS, as the kids call them. I know this now! Hashtag relevant!)

…Why? 437 more words


What Makes You Happy

Someone said to me the other day that her mum knows her better than anyone in the world. It made me think about who knows me best in the whole world. 1,633 more words

NKOTB Joins the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

Boston’s own boy band, New Kids on the Block, have a home now in Hollywood.

Today, October 9th, their star was revealed on the… 296 more words


Some Kpop for Chu.

A lot of people wonder why I listen to Kpop (Korean Pop), Jpop (Japanese Pop – you get the res), Jrock and hardcore. I listen to it because it makes me happy and feel all nice inside. 183 more words

fall semester week 7: Johnny Wright

Britney Spears, Ciara, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, what do these artist all have in common? You’re probably thinking that they all have had number one singles, platinum albums and successful tours, which they do. 403 more words

Boy Bands

"Pop Nation" Musical Based on 90s Pop Scene Opening in New York

We all know the 90s were the greatest musical era of all time, especially for pop music.  We had Backstreet Boys, we had *NSYNC, we had Britney, we had 2ge+her, we had it all.   171 more words