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First Love

Genders unknown,

We mingled  as friends until,

Our love blossomed.


Prison of Love

My body as a guitar,

While fingers are playing everywhere,

He enters inside me.


Blind Taste Test - Life In The Slow Lane

Feel, taste and smell your lover

Can you tell by the feel, taste and smell your lover, girl/boy friend or husband/wife from that of a stranger? 53 more words

Lolita I miss you...

Robert ‘Lolita i miss you so much.. you were so cute.. Why you had to run to the neighbor?’

Francis ‘Who is she? why she ran to your neighbor?’ 381 more words

Silence of the Lamb

Mischievous is the name of the dentist who had a dream to be one from his childhood.

He used to be terrified with the furious fights between his mom and dad, till one day his mom hurled a bucket on his father.. 312 more words