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Lovers Tale

He said something,
she shook her head.
“I said hello”
“what do you want”
“nothing, I guess, I just wanted to..”
“well what”
“I wanted to get close to you” 227 more words


Cupid 2014

A baseball field. Two little league teams. Dark, heavy clouds in the sky and a stranger looking through the scope of a sniper rifle. The wind kept the flags dancing 20 feet above the ground, which assisted the sniper with calculating the perfect angle and alignment for the precise shot that had been over due for three months. 1,310 more words


Street art: Banksy-style

Portugal’s autonomous regions, the Azores and Madeira, use street art really well. In the Azores I came across stencils, which remind me of Banksy.  So unexpected, so cool. 113 more words


Hiatus Experiment Day 1 - Research, names, and outlining

Can I write a cheesy romance novel in two weeks? Here’s what happened on Day One:

In order to write a romance novel, some research is in order. 486 more words


boys of summer (for socorro olsen)

A dear and as yet unmet in person friend of mine, Socorro Olsen, created and conducts a poetry group in Facebook. Every Tuesday I contribute a thread called “Title Tuesday.” I offer five titles for fellow poets to hang their poems on. 179 more words

The Lucky Frog

Monday morning on his way to work, Gabriel said his morning prayer as he usually did. After drawing the sign of the cross across his forehead, his mouth, his heart, and finally over his whole self, he concluded with the word “Amen.” Mondays were not Gabriel’s favorite days. 1,258 more words


What in the world is Courtship?!

When you think of courtship, does this image come to mind?

Not even close! Or maybe this one is closer to your image of courtship: sitting in the parlor with your mom (or, grannie?!) as you ‘get to know your girl.’ 62 more words