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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Small and often overlooked is a statue of a boy riding a seahorse. It is near the start of the walkway at the harbor in Santa Barbara. 64 more words


15. Unlikely Friends

Maybe tomorrow he’ll come.

Naithair drew into himself, tightening his coil. The rocks pressed into his soft body. They would be painful after he shed his skin. 584 more words


Just like that!

Hello everyone,
I’m just lazing around and thought of sharing something that really hits me hard on brain. Why is that when a boy refuses to marry a girl, the girl is left with no option but to marry the man of his parents choice or die crying. 28 more words


Admit It: You’re Just Making This Up As You Go

I was just a young hormonal Catholic school boy sitting in church on Sundays begging God to forgive me every time I thought about having sex with one of the girls I saw. 871 more words

Being Human

Obsession- Fiction


Obsession. Is that a bad word? I have always wondered. You can get obsessed about things, or people. Even if the thing/person is absolutely bad for you. 628 more words

Drama Queen

Bake Sale

I love to bake and baking is become one of my hobbies that relaxes me. Every now and then I try something new and decorating my own cakes and cupcakes and what not. 551 more words