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Over the course of the semester reading talk after talk about the Atonement; I have grown much closer to the Savior and His love and sacrifice for all of us. 549 more words

21 Years Later: Why Elder Packers Counsel Must Be Taken SEERiously

In a talk given to the Church Coordinating Council in 1993, Elder Boyd K. Packer identified three areas that pose a serious threat to the spiritual welfare to the members of the church. 938 more words


Timely quotes on the passing scene--Part 8

Joseph F. Smith:

Those who defend us, do so not infrequently with an apologetic air. The Saints are never safe in following the protests and counsels of those who would have us ever and always in harmony with the world.

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Timely quotes on the passing scene - Part 1

A tempest in the bloggernacle teapot is eating up a lot of Facebook shares these days, with people opining and wringing their hands about things they have no control over. 341 more words