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Since quitting smoking and drinking I find myself to be very socially awkward.. I have never been socially awkward or rude. hello this is me Samantha I can talk to a pole and get a convo going.

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I want, wish, long, and hope

I want to sing you to sleep every night. To wipe away all your sadness with a single touch. To make a simple massage take away the pain. 152 more words

Sorry, I haven’t been updating. I have been spending time with my boyfriend for the last few days because he is going to San Francisco this coming weekend for his academy for a month. 272 more words



The best sex I ever had I was covered in oil and he stuck his finger in my arse.

I hate to admit that I still love my ex-girlfriend. 205 more words

Hey from Lock 'N Key Admina

Hey everyone!

So I’m going to start by saying, yes, this is an anon blog. I’m going to be sharing experiences about my relationship that could possibly help you guys with some of your problems. 213 more words


Rainy Monday

It was raining all day today.

A couple of years ago, I would stay in bed all day feeling gloomy after cancelling all plans and responsibilities. 467 more words

She Loves Him... Not?

Picture this:

Causally, you’re hanging out with your boyfriend of less than two months. He’s one of those people that doesn’t like other people. In fact, the last time he attended a dance he threw up. 251 more words