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Why Finding the One is So Important

I built love up in my mind to be this insanely beautiful thing that nothing in the real world could ever live up to. I think real love is accepting another person, just as they are, with all their flaws, with the zit that randomly popped up on their face, even though they ate the last piece of pizza, even when they’re doing something that’s annoying. 883 more words

Dating Equally

This article was written for the Local Levo – Pittsburgh chapter. See it here.

I don’t date around a lot, I never have, but lately I have been seeing someone. 789 more words

My dream last night:

My mom and best friend came to my college campus for a big dinner, I kept thinking I saw my ex boyfriend (Ethan) through the small windows in the doors, but I just thought I was losing it. 445 more words


The Dude Wannabe

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Wooheee! I finished it! I think a knitting project takes me a bit longer than average, but it is still a hobby, so no pressure. 436 more words



I’m extremely sorry for not blogging the past week…I’ve just been extremely busy and stressed >.< The semester comes in a close in a month and everything is speeding by quickly. 246 more words


Changing tides

Why hello there blog readers,
Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted, I haven’t had any inspiration or any thing so I’ve just been sitting around and reading. 388 more words

Beautiful Sunset Sky.♠

The first pictures in my site that aren’t mine :) My boyfriend took them for me and told me to post them here. He is a great photographer, like me, don’t you think?