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What to do, what to do...

Looking at the big picture of your long distance relationship can be a little daunting to put it lightly. Here you are in love with somebody who’s on the other side of the world. 431 more words


The Divide Between Gay Men And Straight Women

Being gay means accepting that, one day, you could be left behind by the ones you love.

Let me explain. When you’re in your twenties, your straight girlfriends are practically your other half. 851 more words

Don't be a crazy boyfriend/girlfriend: 5 ways to think about the 'trust' issue in your relationship

You’ve met these people. The couples who you know are miserable because they are worried about who is following them on Twitter, who they Snapchat, or who most recently messaged them on Facebook that is not you, their siblings, or their parents; always looking each others’ shoulders to see who they are texting (so apparently ‘texting’ is still not a word yet; get it together autocorrect) They fight, bicker, complain and talk about each other and you are forced to listen and give wise counsel that you… 1,795 more words


First Introductions

Gad I suck, I haven’t posted in a while. I apologise! I’ve been very busy, helping people, working, living life, being with Mr. Current, just basically doing so much. 514 more words



“My boyfriend broke up with me when he found out I was a virgin. Then he went and screwed my best friend. Turned out she gave him std’s. 11 more words