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#nocontact day 19

Catching up with my posts. 😱

After unfriending her sis, she still messaged me. When I didnt replied she asked me if I’m busy. I didn’t reply. 18 more words

Please don't say nice things to me

I can not accept compliments. I am genuinely the worst person to say something nice to. I’ll dish out compliments to other people willingly, but say something nice about me and I freeze and inevitably make the situation very awkward. 549 more words


I Met an Amazing Guy

So, after going on several dates with a few different men, I received a message. I had looked at his profile several days before and liked what I read so far. 199 more words


Snails and snakes

And they asked me,
‘does this song remind you of him?’
I laughed because,
everything does.

Want him bad

I really like “Jack”. He’s cute, funny and …. So flirty. Trouble is that he has a girlfriend! She goes to my school, she doesn’t realize how lucky she is!
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