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Chasing Truth: Chapter 20

It was time.

Mari couldn’t put it off any longer. She made the decision and she needed to let the others know. There was no use in dragging it out any further. 1,123 more words


Day by the river

It’s still pretty warm here in France despite being November tomorrow, so when Kieran came to visit we decided to make the most of the amazing weather.       123 more words


Almost 25 Years of Being Alone

For almost 25 years of my life, I never had a boyfriend since birth. Its not that I’m choosy or that no one ever courted me, its just that I have this subconcious mindset that I wanted someone who I’m already familiar with. 555 more words

Interesting Reads

Pastel & Grey

Pastels and grey are one of my favourite AW14 trends at the moment, so I thought I would give it a try. I’ve combined my new grey brushed skirt with one of my boyfriends old purple T-shirts, which gives a contrast of texture. 21 more words



met you once again in Winter,
But, the warmth you showed,
Reminded me of Summer.

My heart had frozen over, oh, so long ago,
I was happy to forget, 260 more words


Botanical Gardens

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I walked to the botanical gardens and took lots of photos like tourists. I ran around picking up pine cones and we tried to guess the species of different trees without looking at the plaques.


Vague advertising, dressed up housemate and a wonderful boyfriend

‘Apple and…sum…ahh…fruits’
Our ridiculous (in a good way) housemate dressing up for the trick or treating kids. She’s even in a different outfit than the one she’s wearing to the Halloween party tomorrow. 22 more words