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on stop signs, underneath the word “STOP”, there are black and white bumper stickers that say “GENTRIFICATION”. the stickers appeared shortly after the small, plaster-colored RVs, the young pale men with long, scruffy beards, and the white women with ray-ban sunglasses and birkenstocks arrived. 326 more words


5 Freeway Closed Nearly 4 Hours While Man Hangs Off Overpass Sign

BOYLE HEIGHTS    —  The 5 Freeway was shut in both directions in Boyle Heights due to police activity Friday afternoon.

“People out of their cars wondering what’s going on,” reported Stu Mundel in Sky9. 425 more words


Evergreen Cemetery

I first saw Evergreen Cemetery in a movie. I was watching Sam Fuller’s 1959 film Crimson Kimono, much of which was shot on location in LA.* There’s a scene where a detective speaks with an elderly Japanese man in a cemetery. 535 more words

LA History

The Shifting Cultures of Multiracial Boyle Heights

In a critical scene from the 1997 neo-noir “L.A. Confidential,” the ambitious and overzealous Detective Ed Exley (Guy Pierce) escorts rape survivor Inez Soto (Marisol Padilla Sanchez) through the tumult of press coverage upon her discharge from the hospital. 2,130 more words


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Ryan Reft at Tropics of Meta has another blog post on the multiracial history of Los Angeles. In this article, Reft examines the development of Boyle Heights. Boyle Heights is bordered on the north the USC Health Scienes Campus, east of the Los Angeles River and north of I-5. It is one of the older neighborhoods of Los Angeles and has a unique history. Due to restrictive covenants, Jews were prohibited from buying homes in much of Los Angeles and settled into the multiracial enclave of Boyle Heights with African and Japanese Americans. Overtime, Boyle Heights morphed into a predominately Latino community. Reft traces the history of this neighborhood and explains how its past has helped bring Los Angeles' Jewish and Mexican American communities closer together.

L.A. City Attorney Seeks Court Order to Stop Marijuana Farmers Market

The Los Angeles city attorney is seeking an injunction to stop what’s being dubbed as the city’s first-ever cannabis-centric farmers market, which opened for business over the Fourth of July weekend. 99 more words

Local News

Cihuatl Ce Performing @ La Concha July 19, 2014

Xela de la X (Cihuatl Ce) will be performing an acoustic set at La Concha (formerly known as el Centro de Comunicación Comunitario) on Saturday, July 19 . 9 more words

Hip Hop

Cihuatl Ce Performing @ Corazon del Pueblo July 16, 2014

Xela de la X (Cihuatl Ce) will be performing an acoustic set at Corazon del Pueblo on Wednesday, July 16, 2014. This will be an open mic fundraiser for Clitoral Mass 2014, organized by the Ovarian Psycos. 190 more words

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