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English Camp!

This week, we have the opportunity to read a guest post from a friend of mine, Chris C., who teaches at a middle school in Andong, South Korea. 1,349 more words


Jamaica High School Boys and Girls track & Field Champs From A Different Perspective

Holmwood Technical High School at Champs

For many  years I used to look forward to Jamaica boys and Girls track and field Championships.

But no longer so,because   this  week long  competition has decided in the first hour of the first day. 296 more words

Taking Up Space

The guy I’m dating is a winner, without a doubt. He’s interested in life beyond a TV screen, his phone isn’t super-glued to his hand, and he includes me in his adventures. 966 more words

this one is for the ladieeees! day 5

There are many uses for a man when traveling near and far

But the one I hold closest to my heart

Is to carry beer to the car.

For Every Girl Who is Tired of Acting Weak When She is Strong

If you haven’t already seen this, or though about these things, I thought it was a fitting way to bring the semester’s discussions to a conclusion. 7 more words


Passport for Friends Around the World

Here’s a sweet PASSPORT that you can print off from the FRIEND.

When you print it off at 25% the original you can make a passport that is small enough for your doll to carry. 99 more words