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What changed?

We spoke all day everyday…..what changed?

We dreamt about the future we were going to have….what changed?

We looked forward to each other’s company….what changed? 71 more words


Oh, Boy's.

Claire is 16 months old and my usual concerns with her range from whether or not she’s holding my hand while going outside, brushing her teeth, making sure mangos and French fries are not all that she eats, and making sure I have a… 653 more words


It Is Love? Or?

saya berusaha untuk membuat novel namun masih belum sempurna maka saya ingin mempost sinopsis yang saya buat mungkin kalian akan menerka nerka atau memberi kritik dan saran bagi cerita yang saya akan buat ini, sehingga dapat membantu saya untuk dapat membuat novel yang baik dan dapat dibaca oleh banyak orang.. 673 more words

Sebuah Cerita

Effective Strategies for Teaching Reading

Reading is a BIG component of teaching any language – first or second. Reading, especially in a foreign language, can be quite difficult for learners. I have been working on earning my TESOL certificate through the… 839 more words


They Were Just Lovers & Friends

The notion that men and women can’t be friends without either, or both, parties succumbing to attraction is false. But in the same breath there are many occasions where it has happened. 459 more words


The Tao and Zen of Tree People

When you’re eight, you are focused on living in the moment.

We took each day as it came. We had no thoughts or worries about bills and jobs and errands or what we would do when we were senior citizens. 465 more words