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An old piece

For the most part I could do better than this now, but I’m sort of jealous of myself about those ties. I don’t remember how I did them but they are my favorite part by far.


Wish That I Could Be Like The Cool Kids

Hello people. Today, I present to you Karah Johar’s Student of the Year (2012). But today not only do I have things to say about a Bollywood film, but I am bringing in the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers, to discuss the emerging trends which are present in both mediums. 844 more words



I love blank slates. Or new starts or whatever you can call it.

I feel so fresh and clean :p

Of course, this is only regarding my financial matters. 214 more words

The Top 15 Mangas which people have completed volumes of, according to DDNavi

http://images.sgcafe.net/2014/11/xfgtrhbzarbzdrh-640×308.png Some people have such a huge passion for their favorite manga series that they have actually completed collecting all of its compiled volumes known as tankobons. 26 more words


Any K-drama fans out there?

I forgot to mention previously about the photo booth at the cafe ‘A Twosome Coffee’ in Myeong-dong. I’m not sure if it’s temporary or a permanent fixture, so if you’re a devotee and in the area, check it out. 105 more words


Call it jjak Sarang - one sided love by HanaKimi91

Hello Dramajjang readers^^ Hanakimi91 here! Have you ever found yourself in a jjak sarang situation?What is jjak sarang is a one sided love

as lovely Kang Joon-Hee have said — and since many of our k-j drama’s characters have had this kind of love,I will be writing about the ones I found most interesting and heartaching. 2,660 more words


Discourse Analysis on Boys Over Flowers

Sylvia Estrada-Claudio (1999), in her essay in Gender Sensitive and Feminist Methodologies, presented a strategy in employing discourse analysis of texts. She deemed it important to ask four distinct questions in trying to understand the ideologies presented by a certain text. 1,458 more words

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