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Friday Feature: The best of the worst

Not to be negative, but there are K-drama characters that we hate. We will try to end on a positive note after each rant by highlighting one single thing we liked about the idiot.


Boys Over Flowers drawing, still in Progress

This is slowly coming along. I keep adding faces and then deleting them. I need to stop that. I was using a photo as a base, but as it progresses more and I have 80+ layers, I’m looking at a photo and just drawing.   6 more words

Completed Dramas

So I Watched My First Korean Drama...and I Kinda Liked It

Last summer, I had a roommate that was really into Korean dramas, or K-dramas, as they’re commonly known. She was, by all other accounts, perfectly normal and a really fun roommate, but I always found it funny when I’d walk in on this blue-eyed, blonde-haired girl intently watching these shows with over-the-top plots and subtitles. 383 more words


Kim Jun Basin Toplantisi Düzenledi | Asya,Güney Kore Tv ve Sinema Dünyasi

   21 Haziranda “Angel Eyes” in ardindan yayina gircek olan  “Endless Love” Dizisinin T-Maxgrubunun Eski üyesi yildiz oyuncu “Kim Jun” Bir basin toplantisi düzenledi.

Kim Jun Endless Love dizisi için yaptiğı aciklamada ;  Hayatimin en önemli noktasina koyup Hayatima yeniden bir start vermek için bu dizide oynamaya karar verdim.Dizinin seneryosunu okuduktan sonra kendim hakkinda bir karar verip gizlediğim becerilerimi göstermenin zamani geldiğini düşündüm. 67 more words

Boys Over Flowers Work In Progress

Favorite part so far: the ties. Least favorite part: The hands.


Friday Feature: The Perfect Couple

Have you ever dreamed of a drama pairing that never happened? It’s Friday, so let’s indulge in our collective fantasies of what might have been.


Boys Over Flowers

Min Seo Hyun: Shoes are the most important thing for a woman.

Geum Jan Di: Why is that?

Min Seo Hyun: Good shoes will take you to good places. 89 more words