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Rock N Roll Music The Beach Boys Live 1979

Rock N Roll Music The Beach Boys live on the Midnight Special in 1979.
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Jersey Boys Tickets – Beat the Crowd and Get Tickets for Jersey Boys Online… 19 more words


We made the straights

Sounding thunder,

Wind in our sails

Good sailing

Economy counts

And always will.

We sailed the crew low

A woman to cook a boy to pray. 63 more words

Words That Link Together

Boyfriend latest release... Witch

Okay so the lyrics totally bang. Any girl would like hearing that ‘their body goes boom bada boom’. But the makeup is the problem that I have today. 369 more words

Boy Band

How Firm Thy Friendship

Hello loves! How goes everything? I am good, things have been crazy busy. But what’s new there with me? I need to learn to say no to some things and make sure that I take more focus on me and my life. 409 more words


The Year I Stopped Pretending

I don’t think I knew who I was until this year.

It is true that character is revealed in hardship. Life throws an impossible, unbearable situation at you, and the only way to survive is to follow your instincts. 488 more words


Woman Without Her Man Is Nothing

An English high school teacher wrote the words/phrase; “woman without her man is nothing” on the blackboard.

He asked his students to punctuate the phrase, so that it made sense. 33 more words


Eating has been rough

So because my costume for halloween is skin tight I have been way self-conscious. Plus in my screenwriting class I have to rewrite my script on anorexia and dig deeper which means I have to go to old ways of thinking to write this accurately. 244 more words