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24/11/14: single pringles

Its seems that we often forget that for every majority there is a minority and that without those of us who fit into these random, against the norm¬†anomalies the majority wouldn’t exist. 845 more words


Tough Guise

“Acclaimed anti-violence educator Jackson Katz argues that the epidemic of male violence that plagues American society needs to be understood and addressed as part of a much larger cultural crisis in masculinity.”

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Temporary Girlfriend

Children are a delight, if you were not aware.

The other night I sat across from my favorite eight-year-old, two half-eaten Trader Joe’s Deep Dish pizzas between us, and I asked him a question -¬† 241 more words

First Love is Yet BitterSweet

I wish that I forget what we had, like we had nothing at all. I wish I would have never met you. Four years ago, I ended my relationship with this guy. 206 more words

Masturbation Station

Masturbation is never as good as the real thing. My friend argued otherwise, but I feel that another person is much better than sitting in your room alone, with your laptop, and your hand down your pants. 366 more words


Her + Him= Bliss

Hmm, no I think not. Yes I know love is magical and wonderful and beautiful and all that caramel and nutella stuff lol. But loving and being loved truly and wholeheartedly is a miracle. 1,177 more words