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Our Winter Adventure #1: Lunch at Chic-fil-A

Remember how your Saturdays looked pre-kids? I do…vaguely.

Back in the day, my Saturdays included trips to the mall, pedis, grocery shopping (for only one night of food), work outs and then beer and lunch to celebrate my work outs before pre-gaming it up for a fun night of shenanigans. 825 more words


Update on Case and Job

So I pretty much have the job. I haven’t done the interview yet, but it’s set for tomorrow, so I am super excited!

Then I met with my official officer today and did the whole report in detail. 98 more words

Junction in life

I’m at a junction in my life and I’m at a loss of which road to take…

I currently have one very regular play partner who knows I play elsewhere but now wants to go exclusive. 133 more words

Gilmore Girls S1 Ep 09: Rory's Dance

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus, folks. Moxie had some family stuff and I had some work stuff and accordingly the episode didn’t get watched last week. 2,617 more words


If I had the chance

Today I had a thought, “If I got to know how my relationships would pan out with someone pre-relationship, how would that affect my decision to date them?” 45 more words

Unmaking Man

Unmade by your hands; awaiting there

Those softest hurts and menaces.

I know not what delight this is:

Not a life, and less a love affair. 47 more words


Ánh mắt

Một trong những thói xấu khá kì quặc của tôi là hiếm khi nhìn thẳng vào mắt người đối diện. Chính vì thế nên tôi thường hiếm khi nhớ được đôi mắt của một người ra sao, người ấy đang ẩn chứa điều gì hay cố nói với tôi điều gì qua ánh mắt của họ. 1,578 more words