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"I'm a grenade"

If you haven’t already realized, this is a line from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Hazel says this to Augustus, trying to tell him that she’s going to explode one day and cause collateral damage to those who love her. 439 more words

Updates On My Life


My son. He was born almost seven years ago. I named him for Isabelle Archer, the great heroine of Henry James’s greatest novel, Portrait of a Lady. 90 more words



If you’re going to marry for the first time, congratulations! you’ve made it through a whole lot of problems without breaking up completely and you’re still together, which is what matters the most. 627 more words


Young Adult Magazine

Russell, J. Seventeen Magazines. 2104. Hearst. New York, NY. 2014. ISBN: 978-1-58816-642-5


What It’s About:

Seventeen Magazine is the Cosmopolitan of information on love and sex advice. 747 more words



Yesterday was one of my actual almost somethings birthday.  His name is Michael, and let me tell you this: Every single Michael is the worst.  Sorry if he’s your dad, or your boyfriend or your brother.   10 more words

20 Year Old

War Of Hormone~

Hello my little bootiful wafers~
I wanted to give you guys an update on the outfit I’m going to post after this.
This outfit is inspired by Suga from BTS~ 22 more words

twelve: seasons.

dammit, why do you
have to be so fucking
perfect you piece of
shit you are too cute
for your own well being
that even you don’t know… 10 more words