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BPA alternative in plastics disrupts brain cell growth, triggers hyperactivity

(NaturalNews) In order to make plastics pliable and thermal receipt paper printable, certain chemicals have to be added to the mix that a growing body of research shows can damage the human endocrine system and cause other serious health damage. 565 more words


Putin Takes a Stand

As Putin bans GMOs and the sale of carbonated drinks in Russia to underage children, America continues to kill its own youth with GMO cereals, snacks, vegetables, genetically modified pork, and fluorinated water.  1,597 more words


Goodbye Endocrine Disruption!

By Shivanthi Sriskandha, Member-at-Large for the GCI

A recent study published in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal, Green Chemistry, has aimed to bridge the gap between chemists and toxicologists in the design of safer, sustainable chemical products. 512 more words

Green Chemistry

Our Tainted Food Supply: Its Lasting Effects on Stem Cells May Explain Declines in Sperm Counts

In the science fiction film, Children of Men, humans in the year 2027 face extinction due to decades of infertility. This premise doesn’t seem all that far-fetched when you consider studies in the U.S., Japan, and Europe over the past two decades that point to declining sperm counts. 508 more words


For most of your life, a chemical that makes you FAT has been emanating from your teflon pan!

It’s not BPA and it’s not phthalates, so if you’re about to stop reading this, don’t. Please, continue and learn something new. You knew about Bisphenol-A and Phthalates, but you didn’t know much about the chemical coming from teflon pans when you cook with them. 273 more words

Do Not Eat Anything!

So, it’s been a REALLY LONG time since I’ve written a post. Maybe it’s because I had a very fun summer filled with lots of sun and then a fall full of morning sickness? 403 more words

Top 6 Healthier Foods For Your Snow-Pocalypse Shopping List

As you begin or continue your shopping for storm Juno or as many are calling, snowpocalypse, keep yourself healthy, well-fed and well-nourished by avoiding some classic snowstorm favorites. 462 more words