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Thanksgiving eats: The good news

Planning to stuff your face for the day? Yeah, me too.  It’s the holiday food orgy that comes only once a year.

You may not count calories on Thanksgiving, but when you sit down at the table it’s hard to ignore the knowledge that grandma’s famous something-or-other is probably not the healthiest food choice. 437 more words

Healthy Living

Data Manipulation Suspected in Study Claiming Monsanto’s GMO Corn is Completely Safe

By Jonathan Benson

November 24, 2014

Natural News

new study published in the journal Archives of Toxicology makes the audacious claim that MON810 biotech corn, a genetically-modified (GM) cash crop owned by Monsanto, exhibits no toxicological effects in mammals. 287 more words

Why I avoid tinned foods

When I embarked on my journey of a healthier future I had no idea just how much I’d have to change and learn!

One of the things I learned pretty early on, was to avoid canned foods. 996 more words


no receipt, please

We all know about receipts.  I don’t have to explain to you, my smarty pants friends and family. We all know that they contain BPA. 470 more words


What you should know about Bisphenol-A

Bisphenol-A also known as BPA is an environmental estrogen that we are constantly exposed to. It is used to harden plastics. In fact, it is found in most products made of plastic. 658 more words

The Mysteries of Allergies

The web of small red bumps draped around the left side of Logan’s mouth is stubbornly staying put. It emerged more than a month ago, and ever since, we’ve been trying to pinpoint its mysterious cause. 993 more words