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Dear 15 year old me....

You are about to face more than you ever thought you could handle. Depression, anxiety, and driving to therapy twice a week. Why are you this way? 194 more words


Night 3

Made it through another night sleeping in the park. The last two nights I have slept on a picnic table so I’ve been able to stay dry when the sprinklers run, but it is making my back hurt very badly. 150 more words

Journal Entry

Sleepless in...

Another sleepless night. Another night where what I thought I knew I didn’t, and what I wished I didn’t, unfortunately, I do.
Another night when I thought everything was one way… 129 more words

Day 126 of 365

Day 126 – middle of winter and I’m sitting at the beach with bare feet jeans and a tee. So warm


Are People With Borderline Personality Disorder Capable of Love?

‘You aren’t capable of love, you have Borderline personality disorder’ was a line given to me by the second psychiatrist I saw in hospital.

A quick Google search tells me that its a question that is also asked a lot of forums, mostly by those who have loved and split with a person who suffers with BPD. 711 more words

Mental Health

I am up from my tear filled hr of laying on my bed. I tried to figure out what the hell to do.
Am I two ppl? 134 more words


Faced my fear
Suffered rejection
Kind words
Flirty friendship
Over thought
My mind in a whirl
Wanted acceptance
Got meet with concern
Lucky I don’t have to face… 14 more words