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2014 Baystate Marathon Recap: The Wind, The Struggles& The BQ!

Can I start all my sentences now with “I BQ’d”? Is that inappropriate? Maybe. But maybe not seeing as I worked real hard for this moment! 2,725 more words


Sooooo. I BQ'd!!!

I actually cannot believe it.
I’m in absolute shock still..
I have been crying like a baby ALL. Damn. Day.

I did not hit my goal time…but I… 119 more words


Run Mileage Increase & Pirates!

I know I’ve been a bit come and go around these blog parts, but there’s good reason. 1. WordPress is giving me fits and 2. There’s some big stuff in the works. 299 more words


The Allure of the "BQ". What does it REALLY mean?

It occurred to me that I use the term “BQ” pretty frequently and that a lot of people might not know exactly what that means or stands for. 1,160 more words


Stubborness is my Superpower (my Okanagan Marathon Race Report)

We all have some sort of superpower don’t we?  Something that we are really good at.  My daughter Maiya has an amazing imagination, not just a typical 4 year old imagination, but a super fantastic, amazing imagination.  1,845 more words


*On my nightstand*

Or at least soon to be…

I cannot stop thinking about marathon training lately. Specifically, training for the Boston Marathon! I’m itching to get started but being that Boston is still 6 months out, I’ve got a couple of months to kill while I wait for that training cycle to start on December 29th. 283 more words

The race that qualified me for Boston!

This week has truly been one for the record books, and I’m so excited to write a race recap that ends in a Boston Qualifying time! 2,810 more words