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Saturday shopping

Did some Gap brand damage today… But I sure am happy about it!

Review: Delirium

Draft Priority: 3

Impact: 3

Stack Status: 3
Staple. This is one of the only places you’re like to see it.


Well… they printed Backlash, which is very similar this card with different restrictions. 154 more words


Not Another Boring Bridesmaid Dress!

When I got married in 1992 bridesmaids dresses were much of a muchness – the only difference seemed to be the colour really. That’s certainly not the case these days and… 172 more words

56xx 5643

56xx 5643 was one of three locomotives in steam on the day I visited the Bluebell Line (click here to read more).  The others being SECR H class 263 and… 181 more words


Home For The Weekend

After a busy week of testing and doctors appointments, Braelynn got to come home this weekend.  Braelynn and Shae were happy to get to spend a couple of nights in their own bed and enjoy their normal lives. 130 more words