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#20: May I introduce Ned?

Yesterday, my mom reminded me of the importance of today. Upon hearing my official diagnosis, Ned and I were officially divorced more than a year ago. 638 more words

My Terrible, Horrible, Incredibly Blessed Morning

Today was one of those mornings that I just couldn’t seem to get myself together in a timely manner. I hit snooze more than my allotted two times.  1,176 more words

Are Men From Mars and Women From Venus?

Men and women, what truly makes the difference between the two genders? Yes there are physical differences, but what are the mental capabilities that seem to differ between these two? 1,001 more words


Feminism you say?...pah!

Today I have had it. Finally and once and for all. I have just read a posting made by Elizabeth Hawksworth on the Jian Ghomeshi thing entitled “Jian Ghomeshi is Fired because he says a woman lied about him: An example of rape culture?”. 707 more words

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