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Have you bought white or beige bras because you thought “Red is too racy.  Too sexy.”  

Don’t.  I finally bought one a couple of months ago.   123 more words

Under Construction

Welcome to the official blog of the Berrima Residents Association.

We’re working to preserve Berrima and its historic architecture for Australia’s future generations.

For more information:

Secretary: secretary@berrimaresidentsassociation.org


i hate bras, mostly

It’s true I’m fairly liberal and back in the day would’ve probably joined in the burning of bras. If I were honest, as much as I’m all about feminist ideals, I’m equally annoyed with wearing the damn things. 273 more words


Bra besked.

Var på besök hos min underbara cancerläkare idag på Radiumhemmet på Karolinska. Kom in vid entrén med taxin 1 minut innan utsatt tid. Så stressen var påtaglig när jag rusade till kassan för att anmäla mig. 190 more words

Proper Bra Fit

Bras. This is a sore subject for a lot of women. Bra shopping, bra sizes, good fit, proper support, are topics just wrought with stress. I myself, have had nothing but trouble in this area. 1,792 more words

Muslim Girls Love When Hindu Boys Press Their Tits And Rub Their Hard Nips

In India, where Hindus dominate, Muslim girls are very disrespectful to their own bodies. Whenever I’m in the bus, I see these hotties with their tight clothes and revealing bodies. 202 more words