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15 Fall DIYs That Will Make Any Fall Lover Rejoice


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Getting up this morning I realized I have ZERO Halloween/Fall themed bracelets. I just read this great post by Lame Adventures about Candy Corn, which I love. Apparently it's not a popular candy. WHAT! Candy Corn is the ESSENCE of candy. Corn syrup. That's all. CANDY. But so, I think I need to do this little Candy Corn DIY and make myself a Candy Corn bracelet. It will probably keep until next year because, unfortunately, this project is a little late for today.

Guitar String Bracelets from Famous Artist's Strings

Okay, so drooling over material objects is something that I engage in very infrequently but oh my golly, I would love one of these bracelets! Each bracelet is custom made using guitar (or bass) strings donated by a truly amazing artist. 186 more words


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If you purchase for cheap jewelry online so what can you look pertaining to? Would you select your jewelry determined by price? Do you will be making some depending on color? 624 more words

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