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HDR with the Nikon D7000 part 3 -- Creating the HDR image from the image series

This is the third and last part of my HDR tutorial. The first part gave an introduction to HDR, and the second part explains… 481 more words


Exercise 1.8 Bracketing Exposures

In exercise 1.8 we are asked to take 3 to 5 shots of the same image at different exposures.

I was going to a wedding fair and decided to take my camera with me and take my exposures somewhere new that I had not seen before. 264 more words

Part 1 - Workflow: Landscapes And Environments

Social Construction of Industry

It is axiomatic that everything in society is socially constructed, but we are more aware of this in theory because there are still many areas in which we take for granted the “naturalness” of certain aspects of social structure. 406 more words

Sociology Of Science


I’ve done a lot of experimentation using single framed images and would like to create a HDR image using multi-exposures.
Using multi-exposures really does maximize a HDR image. 168 more words

Fine tuning exposure. Part 2. Bracketing

Yesterday we learned how to better inform the light meter of our desired exposure setting by using the Aiming off method. today, we try another technique called… 322 more words

Bannack Ghost Town-HDR

HDR was a new thing for me, and it was interesting working with and editing my shots this way. The editing looks a lot more intense, and I like how it transformed my images. 110 more words