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365 Day Photo Challenge Day Seventeen "HDR"

HDR, High Definition Resolution.  Some people love it while others hate it.  I’ve been interested in this for quite some time.  In my opinion, some people over use it and abuse it. 184 more words

Bracketing *1

Within research there is always a need for boundaries, to avoid research becoming unbounded and consequentially diffuse…this section aims to clarify through bracketing in/out areas… 62 more words


Research Findings 3 - Automatic Exposure Bracketing

Automatic Exposure Bracketing

To make HDR photography easy, camera manufacturers add a feature to their cameras called Automatic Exposure Bracketing. This features allows the user to set the middle exposure themselves and then enable AEB and select the difference in exposure (aperture) they want, . 122 more words

Research Findings

On just taking a breather…

Thinking about it now, sometimes it just takes a breather to get back in the rhythm of things when it comes to photography. What do I mean by saying that it just takes a breather? 435 more words


Bracketing vs. HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography

  Simply explained, exposure bracketing is a process in which multiple photos (usually between three and seven) of the same subject are taken in sequence using different exposures. 763 more words


Aerial Photography Exposure Bracketing

In photography, exposure bracketing is a technique of taking several shots of the same scene at once using different exposure settings. Exposure bracketing is especially useful in difficult lighting situations when it’s hard to be sure of the correct exposure. 503 more words