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Pretty bad ass. Total dude flick. Killer tank battle scenes.

Very well done, great acting and very few “lulls” in a movie that is over two hour long. 400 more words

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Flash Movie Review: Fury

Actions reveal more about a person than their words. There are some individuals who use their words as a way to accentuate the meaning of their actions. 428 more words



一向有在Youtube follow Jimmy Fallon,他和Justin Timberlake間中會有搞笑clip,他的節目亦經常邀請到荷里活紅星接受訪問或玩遊戲,坦白說部份遊戲是無聊頂透的,就像近日有條新片,他和Brad Pitt玩breakdance,用breakdance代替說話問候大家,一眼看得出兩人用替身做那些高難度動作,邊說無聊低能邊看完那約3分鐘的片段
誰叫這是Brad Pitt,短短幾日已吸引了超過600萬點擊率,當是這星級數的時候,無鬼聊都變成好鬼盞…… 對,就是這樣盲……

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Fury: The Fog of War

First of all for a 2.5 hour movie I thought I was only there for 90 minutes.  Was it an extremely violent 90 minutes? Yup.  Did I feel like I was on the inside of an American tank during the last days of World War II and under skies that were never blue? 115 more words

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Fury review

During the final days of WWII the desperate German forces fought hard, making Allied troops earn every metre of land they took. The price was high, especially so if you happened to be an outmatched and outgunned American tank commander. 533 more words

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Yesterday, my best friend and I had the opportunity to see Fury; the WWII tank film starring Brad Pitt. It if one of the few films I’ve been excited about in, well, … 287 more words


'Fury' Seizes The Top Spot At The Box Office; 'Gone Girl' Close Behind

Despite its failure to connect with a female audience, Fury took the top box office spot this week. The war action film starring Brad Pitt with supporting cast members like Shia LaBeouf and Michael Pena might have brought in the literal big guns to attract a crowd, but ultimately the audience ended up being 60% male with a slightly disappointing $23.5 million turnover. 247 more words