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Θα γίνει η Jessica Chastain η νέα Marilyn Monroe;

52 ολόκληρα χρόνια έχουν περάσει από τον θάνατο της Marilyn Monroe, αλλά ο μύθος της ακόμα ζει και βασιλεύει.

Μια 700σέλιδη βιογραφία της, με τον τίτλο … 34 more words


Fight Club (1999)

Director: David Fincher
MPAA rating: R
Release date: 15 October 1999
Starring: Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter

I watched this movie mainly because people that have a very similar taste as me recommended it. 316 more words


World Meningitis Day

Tomorrow is World Meningitis Day.  In October of 2012, when 105 people in Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida fell ill with meningitis, the media reported that 8 had died, causing widespread panic. 250 more words

Midnight In Chicago

A Movie in the Making

The other day I was browsing the Internet for the latest news when I came across a story that involved Brad Pitt. I clicked on it, the article appeared, and I began to read about the movie plans he has for the future. 625 more words

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12 anos de Escravidão

O filme 12 anos de Escravidão é o favorito do Oscar 2014. A probabilidade do filme ganhar essa estatueta dourada tão cobiçada e tão almejada é muito grande, devido a vários fatores, entre eles à obra cinematográfica em si, à atuação I-N-C-R-Í-V-E-L dos atores, à equipe em geral e ao roteiro. 263 more words


The Counselor

A largely forgettable film except for Cameron Diaz making love to a car and it being described in graphic detail by Javier Bardem. Yes, you read that correctly and whilst you try to imagine this, let me assure you that it’s far less tasteful than most could imagine and memorable for all the wrong reasons. 215 more words


Poetry in Motion

I’ve been thinking about the ways that poetry is used in films, and after watching a number of films and rooting out some examples I arrived at the conclusion that poetry is used in, essentially, three different ways. 1,808 more words