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Brad Thor sums up North Korea's reaction to Obama's presser in one brutally honest tweet

President Obama is currently giving his end-of-the-year press conference and the first question was on North Korea and their hack of Sony’s computer system. Some excerpts: 450 more words


Lefty victim-class attacks Brad Thor for retweeting a critic

She’s referring to author Brad Thor not adhering to the media’s false narrative of the mess in Ferguson. Thor had the audacity to respond to and retweet criticism directed at him. 976 more words


Brad Thor predicted this week's 'breaking news' on Bowe Bergdahl ransom months ago

As a best-selling novelist of political thrillers, Brad Thor is perhaps better plugged in to international events than most of our Congressmen. For example, news is breaking this week that the United States paid a ransom to a “con man” in exchange for alleged deserter Army Sgt. 378 more words

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Brad Thor: How crazy is Harry Reid? THIS crazy

The Senate Democrats will be the minority party starting in January, and Harry Reid is reportedly attempting to create a “special leadership post” for left-wing Massachusetts Senator and… 207 more words

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Well, Hello Brad!

Guys.  I totally Schruted it.  I am only three days into my new format and I already mixed up my days!  Of course I am the only one who noticed or cares but in any case, I will correct it next week.   546 more words

Brad Thor

Brad Thor has a powerful reminder for Dems seeking 'compromise'

Democrats must feel their power slipping away if they’re talking about “compromise.” Of course, they will undoubtedly remain uncompromising in the position that only the Republicans need to compromise. 250 more words

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Book Review: Brad Thor's Blacklist

Blacklist – i guess the credit surely must go to Brad or others who branded this name for similar purposes of addressing general population’s paranoia about being on a hit-list… 201 more words