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The Diamond Legacy, Chapter 5.12

Amie and Brad made some time for themselves to be romantic.

Then they worked on their career goals, Brad created some jingles and Amie wrote some books… 68 more words

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

Banker's algorithm with pthreads

I am trying to write a Banker’s Algorithm problem in c but am getting segmentation faults. I have ran through my code several times but I can’t seem to figure out where the fault would be. 561 more words

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Running Tasks Asynchronously In CMD

I am working on modifying the script my company uses for imaging pc’s. I noticed that in our current script tasks are started like the following example: 164 more words

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Backpacking in 82 Days: Last days in Kuta, Singapore, Initial thoughts on Cambodia and Phnom Penh

Getting out of Bali=one of the best parts of the trip. Don’t get me wrong, Indonesia has its great qualities. But it’s turned into such a tourist attraction that it’s full of hawkers gearing toward westerners, while trying to rip you off. 1,020 more words


Clean your mirrors

I can’t stand a dirty mirror. Occasionally, and especially if I’m avoiding something even more heinous, I’ll go on a streak where I need to scrub and clean every nook and cranny. 685 more words