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¿Cuáles Son Las Preocupaciones Del Posthumanismo En El Siglo 21?

Para entender el posthumanismo, es necesario entender a sus antecedentes. El humanismo es un movimiento filosófico, intelectual y cultural europeo que acompañó el pensamiento Renacentista y que, en el siglo XVIII, se asoció a los principios de la Ilustración, la Reforma Religiosa y la Revolución Francesa. 1,176 more words

First Term 2014 - Fahrenheit 451 Question Two

What messages/lessons does this novel have for the modern reader?  As a teen living in 2014, do you relate to any parts/characters in Fahrenheit 451?


Burning Books (and People)

I’m about 30% of the way through Fahrenheit 451 right now (I don’t care if that’s not the actual temperature or whatever). This is the second Bradbury book I’ve read, the first being… 237 more words



A fantasy cloaked in non-fiction,
you were the story I couldn’t put down.

Words branded on my eyelids,
pressed deep in the pages of my soul. 17 more words


The Illustrated Man, Ray Bradbury

The Illustrated Man, Ray Bradbury

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Illustrated Man is comprised of short stories from a variety of subgenres, with heavy emphasis on rocket ships and space travel/extraterrestrial civilization within our solar system which provide a backdrop for his social commentary. 43 more words

Keli Wright

The Writer's Life

Isn’t this the way? Especially when I lay me down to sleep. That’s when my characters talk to me the most.


The Voices In My Head

No, not the schizophrenic ones.   The medications seem to be working fine, thanks.

Having spent my adult life as an English teacher, I venerate authors. I view them as magicians, as possessing powers that regular people just don’t have. 1,377 more words