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It was always November, or December, or some cold month, even April, with it’s hope and all of it lost on the seasons and the atmosphere and the secret sun. 271 more words


My five favorite stories from The Martian Chronicles


     Last night I finally finished The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury and needless to say it was amazing. Up until now, I really only thought of Bradbury as the man who wrote Fahrenheit 451 (also amazing) and never really bothered to read many of his other works because I was never a big science fiction fan. 845 more words

Putting in a little elbow grease



Please play this song as you read this post because I am utterly obsessed and listen to it constantly and I like to pretend that as I walk about town that it’s the soundtrack to my life and we’re just at the mid-way point montage and everyone is like – WILL SHE MAKE IT? 603 more words

To Whom It May Concern

XXII. A Dish of Lime Vanilla Ice

We are not naive or calloused
We are not clever or passionate
We are just afraid of how young we are

We want to be backed into a corner… 432 more words


some sensory experiments

In June, spent mostly close to home, I considered something I suspect that only we know: the smell of dust in fog.

I do not know the words or word for this—but there’s one that’s almost right and good to have: 339 more words


21st Century Oligarchy

The word ‘Oligarchy’- rule by a few – is usually learnt in high school history or classical studies as a concept that is largely irrelevant to 21st Century life: a Greek word attached firmly to ancient Greece from whence it came. 1,546 more words

4 Science Fiction books I wish I had written

Have you ever liked a book so much that on finishing it, the first thing you do is turn back to Page One so that you could devour it all over again? 727 more words