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Review: LOCKE (2014) [Bradford International Film Festival 2014]

Steven Knight’s new film Locke, starring Tom Hardy was premiered on the closing night film of the 20th Bradford International Film Festival. However, GIRL ON FILM decided to save this review until the week of its release in the UK. 643 more words


Movietime - April 17, 2014

Belt & Braces time

I’m still wrestling with the interactive format of Google+ Hangouts on Air, so here’s a different way of cracking that particular walnut. 29 more words


Nomura #4: Castle of Sand (Suna no utsuwa, Japan 1974)

This was presented at Bradford as the biggest hit for Nomura Yoshitaro, surprising his studio Shochiku since it was thought to be an old-fashioned film. The film is much longer than the others in the retrospective at 143 minutes. 760 more words

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Nomura #3: The Shadow Within (Kage no kuruma, Japan 1970)

The third Nomura film at BIFF marks something of a change in style, though the narrative content, still based on a Matsumoto story, remains consistent. The colour 16mm Scope print was less buckled but the colour had faded badly. 953 more words

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Nomura #2: Zero Focus (Zero no shoten, Japan 1961)

This was actually the first of Bradford International Film Festival’s Nomura Yoshitaro films based on the published stories of Matsumoto Seicho to be screened. All the issues about the 16mm print for… 691 more words

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BIFF 2014 European and Shine Short Competition winners

The suspense is over, and the results are in!

After suitably dutiful deliberations, our hard-working juries have delivered the verdicts on the 2 competitive sections at the 2014 Bradford International Film Festival in partnership with Virgin Media. 275 more words

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Nomura #1: Stakeout (Harikomi, Japan 1958)

This was the earliest of the films by Nomura Yoshitaro to be screened at the 20th Bradford Film Festival. All five films at Bradford were adapted from stories by Matsumoto Seicho. 970 more words

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