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Broccoli Coconut Curry with Tofu

Confession: I licked my bowl after I finished my curry. This tangy, fresh dish is somewhere between a Thai curry and a summer stir-fry, and it really hit the spot. 628 more words


The Many Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar? Really? Vinegar is just vinegar, right? In this case… nope, very wrong.

Let me tell you why :)

Apple cider vinegar is rich in natural minerals, vitamins and enzymes.   1,542 more words

Your Beautiful Body

Week 1 - Out With the Old and In With the New

This is my first week working with a holistic nutritionist and I must say its amazing how small dietary changes can make a huge difference. I have always considered myself to eat a healthy diet but it turns out that healthy can be somewhat of a relative term. 304 more words

Scavenging and Foraging

Sometimes I open the fridge and just stare.
I do the grocery shopping, I do the cooking, and the eating. Things do not appear or disappear in there. 154 more words

Tricks & Tips Tuesday

I started this blog mainly to share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned while losing 50 pounds in the past 5 months.  I’ve come to realize that people make weight loss and fitness a lot more complicated than it actually is.   489 more words


Easy Counter Top Pickles in Apple Cider Vinegar

Oh, the bounties of a summer garden! There is nothing like it, I tell you. I am moderately obsessed with my little plot of land and have been frequently blessed this year with amazing, fresh, bountiful veggies. 806 more words


Two awesome cleansing recipes!


These are my two favorite cleanses!!! I alternate between them monthly.  For sweetening anything I use organic agave.
First cleanse is my take on this “master cleanse that is going around. 168 more words

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