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Braides updo

If you want to change from the typical braid or ponytail, here is a simple and quick braided hairdo.

First seperate your hair into two sections and french braid each section all the way to the end. 110 more words


Braided Kelp Necklace

Check out this beautiful necklace, inspired by seaweed! Mostly iridescent green, an odd stripe of lavender twists through it like sea foam, twined among the strands of kelp. 380 more words


Kill Me Later


Braid seems like it was made by some guy who was slighted by love and needed a place to vent.

And…I like that. 441 more words


Fishtail braid using clip-in extensions for added volume and lenght

1 – Part your hair in three: top, middle and bottom section;

2 – Do a ponytail with a clear elastic on the middle section in the side you prefer; 282 more words


A GREAT BIG PILE OF LEAVES—Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex? Now on Vinyl!

I was just letting my Soundcloud feed play when this album begins streaming from the Topshelf Records. It’s been a long time since I’d listened to this sort of technical style Emo, but A Great Big Pile of Leaves really brought something new to my ear. 296 more words


Fish tail end

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Time spent today (and some other days that I can actually remember) 1 hour.

I learned a few important lessons with this first 20 hour hobby. 153 more words