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Baffeling Braids No More

The Networked Learning Project has been a wonderful learning experience! I think I have finally conquered the elusive French braid after 4 weeks of hard work practicing. 787 more words

I got love for you if you were born in the '90s

I grew up in a predominately coloured township in Durban playing street soccer and Pokémon tazos with the boys. When the street lights came on in the evenings, my mom would call me and my brother into the house to strip off our grimy clothing before ushering us into a warm bath that she had run just before she was done preparing supper. 444 more words

Mermaid Kisses, Starfish Wishes, and Fishtail Braids!


Fishtail braids have been trending for years now and I have never been able to do it myself, because my braiding skills are still pretty novice but I actually did this while watching Monsters Inc. 53 more words


Tutorial Tuesday #6 Fishtail Braid (inspired by Blake Lively)


This week’s Tutorial Tuesday is for the fishtail braid. This look is really cool, and very versatile! Blake Lively wore a more texturized version of this look to the premiere of… 99 more words


Baby Hairs Should We Stick With Or Get Rid?

Hair talks, well it does not literally talk, but conversations about afro hair, arises debates and splits opinions constantly.

I get intrigued, and sometimes offended, when I see mothers with elaborate hairstyles and their children looking as though their hair has not seen in a comb in weeks. 81 more words

Affia Keys

Throw Back Tuesday.....Success is Truly in the journey...My First Tribal Shoot!

Good Morning and how time flies….This picture right here is one of my first shoots, I started out on!! I mean I had been doing make up for a while in fact a few years prior to this but this was different and involved me now really working on others and not myself or friends it was a tribal shoot that took place in in 2011 *Shy Face* I have learnt so much since then and it’s so amazing….success is truly in a journey and never at the reaching point…all the hard work and the studying and learning one does, getting rejected from MAC 4 times before getting the job…and the journey…. 326 more words