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Slightly frustrating day yesterday, but understandable

A bit of an anticlimax at the LOC yesterday.  They got me all set up in the chemo suite with a canula inserted into a vein in my wrist, had a blood test and the doctor confirmed that I was ready to have chemo (I was slightly surprised as my neutrophils were 1.2 – still very low).   86 more words

Totino-Grace Mourns Football Manager, 18, Who Died Of Brain Cancer

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A teenager who captured the spirit of her high school football team, and her entire school, has lost her battle with brain cancer. 342 more words


Do you watch The Voice?

Tonight I was watching The Voice and listening to these young people talk about pursuing their dreams. It’s a fun show, and I really get inspired listening to them talk about their goals. 409 more words

Quick update

I just wanted to give you all a very quick update.  It’s been 8 weeks since I started the first cycle of PCV chemotherapy and tomorrow, I am due to start the second cycle.   124 more words

Cell Phone Radiation Is Addictive

Alex Jones Dr. Devra Davis about the harmful side effects of cell phone radiation and what needs to change in the way we use them.

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'She was so loved': Totino-Grace football manager dies of cancer

Rachel Woell, the manager of the Totino-Grace High School football team, went to what would be her last football game Friday night.

“We wanted to have her do what she enjoyed doing and that was being with her fellow football players. 375 more words


People You Need to Meet #44: Stephanie McMillan

What I wish I knew before my child was diagnosed with brain cancer??

I wish I had known how precious time was. I wish I had realized how little that mess had mattered, how quickly time passes by, how precious every sound from his lips could be. 1,228 more words