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Feast of St. James

Notes to self. Stuff I don’t want to forget. Ever.

7/23 Severe morning headache. Tylenol worked after a rest for about 45 minutes. Dad was then able to sit up to have breakfast and coffee. 645 more words

Beauty Vlogger Donates Her Hair To 'Locks Of Love' Before Cancer Treatment [VIDEO]

I’ve always admired beauty vlogger, Meechy Monroe. She started blogging in 2010 and has managed to turn what most call a hobby into a lucrative business that has her traveling the world to talk about her natural hair story. 347 more words

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A Different Kind of Normal

Before I knew it my 3 weeks of R&R were up and it was time to be poked, prodded, stabbed with needles, have lots of my blood drained and then fill me up with cocktails of toxic chemicals to make me violently ill and distressed in the hope of making me live a bit longer. 2,956 more words

Running for a Cause

When I mentioned on Facebook that I was trying to figure out what 5K to run this year, my cousin let me know that she was considering creating a 5K team for her departed Father, my Uncle, who passed away from brain cancer.   41 more words


Disappearing Medical Records

Any old medical files cause such a huge deal .

I cannot even post the scan here only  a link.

I would like to eventually upload all my records while they are still available to me if possible. 6 more words

Days have passed since I’ve written but I can’t bring myself to write about what has been happening so I will probably go back to writing privately in my journal and updating this blog every so often. 618 more words

Ups & Down of being a miserable Git

A few days after the end of my chemo cycle I started to feel better, partly because I knew I had 3 weeks before I had to go through it all again but also because I was now allowed out on my own – a big step for a man of 47! 2,122 more words