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[ARTICLE] Rehabilitation of gait after stroke: a review towards a top-down approach. - Full Text HTML


This document provides a review of the techniques and therapies used in gait rehabilitation after stroke. It also examines the possible benefits of including assistive robotic devices and brain-computer interfaces in this field, according to a top-down approach, in which rehabilitation is driven by neural plasticity. 229 more words


Wireless Brain-Computer Interface

I am fascinated about brain-computer interfaces and all the research around using computers to try to recreate some brain functionalities.

In the United States, a team at the Brown University and BlackRock Microsystems  have been working on a new interface that would work wirelessly and created a device that could fit in the palm of your hand… 41 more words


[REVIEW] Application of BCI systems in neurorehabilitation: a scoping review


Purpose: To review various types of electroencephalographic activities of the brain and present an overview of brain–computer interface (BCI) systems’ history and their applications in rehabilitation. 345 more words


Not All are lost: You can retrieve your lost memory

Lost memory can be recovered, that is amazing !! It looks like scientists had figured out a way to reactivate the lost connection. Its like creating new pathway to the lost datastores. 82 more words


How the “Phantom pain” medical mystery got solved?

To start with a brief intro on “Phantom Pain“. Person who lost his part of the body due to accident, faces this unique problem of… 221 more words


Is Your Red same as My Red !!

It is a video which provokes an interesting debate. Colour what one person perceive in brain is same as others perceive it? The colour that I see as red may not be same as what the others see it, they may perceive the colour as blue and they say it is red. 75 more words