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ARTICLE: Rehabilitation of gait after stroke: a review towards a top-down approach. - Full Text

…This document provides a review of the techniques and therapies used in gait rehabilitation after stroke. It also examines the possible benefits of including assistive robotic devices and brain-computer interfaces in this field, according to a top-down approach, in which rehabilitation is driven by neural plasticity. 38 more words


Interactive Bionic Man, featuring 14 novel biotechnologies

September 21, 2014

The National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering has launched the “NIBIB Bionic Man,” an interactive Web tool that showcases cutting-edge research in biotechnology. 64 more words


Thinking about the future with brain computer interfaces

What’s cooler than controlling the world around you with your mind? Nothing! According to OpenBCI’s Conor Russomanno, this dream is now coming closer to reality with the help of Makers. 430 more words

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WEB SITE: Thought-controlled device gets limbs moving

…Scientists are testing a new thought-controlled device that may one day help people move limbs again after they’ve been paralyzed by a stroke…

via Thought-controlled device gets limbs moving | Health24.

'Telepathic' communication achieved for first time

Alright, so maybe it’s not entirely “mental telepathy,” but an international group of researchers is reporting that they have successfully achieved brain-to-brain communication. According to the scientists from the United States, France and Spain, the team has leveraged several technologies, including computers and the Internet, to relay information between test subjects separated by approximately 5,000 miles without carrying out any invasive procedures on the subjects. 562 more words

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