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Brain Computer Interface (BCI)

SPELLER brain-computer-interface (Kee, 2012)

Brain Computer Interface (BCI), is when the computer is controlled by the power of the mind. This allows computers to be able to read and interpret signals directly from the brain, (Afeyan, 2014). 271 more words

BCI-Award: Do not forget to submit your work!

The submission deadline for the 2014 BCI Research Award is July 1, 2014.

The International Annual BCI Award, endowed with 3,000 USD,
is one of the top accolades in BCI research. 72 more words


FOI – the Swedish Military Research Institution

FOI – the Swedish Military Research Institution – an extract and summary of their annual report of 2010 regarding to brain-computer technology.

Introduction: Already from the middle of the 1940s, military research has been in cooperation with medical doctors, surgeons and psychiatrists in the field of brain and behavior research. 911 more words

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Mind Control Articles from the New York Times

Mind Control Articles

from the New York Times

By Robert Naeslund, 2013

When The New York Times exposed the CIA-project of behavior modification in July 1977, the General Director of the secret institution, Stanfield Turner, had to testify at the Senate hearings. 610 more words

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The Brain Subject

The Brain Subject and the Author of the Articles

By Robert Naeslund, 2013

Here is the first of a series of articles to be published about a topic that has been developed in secrecy, and that is known almost only by those involved and their victims… 441 more words

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Robotics in Parathletic Competitions: Cybathlon 2016

The age of robotics has created a new kind of athlete, and the possibilities are quite amazing. 2016 will mark the first Cybathlon, to be held in Switzerland. 325 more words


How racing cyborgs will push prosthetics into the future

Want to watch cyborgs compete in epic sporting events? A bionic battle is set to go down in October of 2016 at the first Cybathalon… 216 more words