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Lessons learnt from David Sedaris ....

… who’s one of my favourite authors (as in, I wish I wrote what he wrote):

It’s not lost on me that I’m so busy recording life, I don’t have time to really live it.  

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Synthesising Happiness

Why, TED, do you keep challenging me and shaking up my view of the world?

… imagining that not getting what you want could make you just as happy as getting it … 56 more words

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The TPACK Model

TPACK is a framework that combines three knowledge areas: technological knowledge, content knowledge, and pedagogical knowledge.

Content Knowledge:
WHAT – The Subject Matter

Pedagogical Knowledge: 17 more words

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The Pedagogy Wheel Infographic (SAMR Model)

The SAMR Model



———-The Very Thin Line———–



Educ 190 08252014
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1. We sent Chicken to school last week, just a few blocks up the street. I have half-composed a bazillion posts in my head about this decision, in which I use all the words in the universe to explain the back and forth and soul-searching and eventual decision. 454 more words

Being A Mom

This is my life

I’ve always loved this.  I just wanted to post this up here to remind myself how great this was, so I never forget it. 13 more words

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Geek Sexuality and the potential of speculative fiction

I can’t write erotica.

I’m speaking from past experience, not from some place of self-doubt. I’ve tried before, but every time the relationships in my stories go from pregnant glances and lingering touches to actual, naked sexytimes, I fall apart. 1,269 more words

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