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Obliviously Resilient

I’ve always taken comfort from my sense of resilience, but noticed recently that it appears to be waning. I seem to be more sensitive than before to the emotional jarring that goes with betrayal, and this concerns me. 607 more words


Doors, open and shut.

Last night, around midnight, I was scared awake by my new neighbor pounding on my front door. Half-asleep, I shuffled through the living room and went to look out the peep-hole, only to remember that there isn’t one. 1,280 more words


Blogtober Day Nineteen: How I Brain Dump

Welcome to Day Nineteen! As you can see from the title (or if you read to the end of yesterday’s post – Bravo!), today I’m going to be rambling about… 526 more words


Push on, move forward ...

In the past couple of weeks lots of things I was doing seemed too hard and nothing I was doing seemed to serve any sort of purpose.   524 more words

Brain Dump

Be patient, kids...I will rock when you're in college

I am parenting three pretty great people at the moment. My boys are ages 12 and 10, and their little sister is 6 years old. I think I’m in a phase where I might be so physically exhausted most days from running around, however, that I’m not exactly giving them my A game. 667 more words

Maternal Media

Brain Dump

1. My goal of keeping my inbox clean (less than 20 emails) is going so-so. I have been more diligent in responding and then archiving or deleting. 486 more words

Brain Dump