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Brain dump: Fountains

In the days of yore and in lands yonder, fountains of oatmeal were a common sight. They dotted the villages and hamlets, in their central squares and plazas. 202 more words

The Ridiculous

I’m going to go back to the original nature and purpose of me starting up this blog. I have knack for never being able to turn my brain off and casually slip into anxiety very easily when it comes down to subjects that could potentially go wrong in my life. 306 more words

Red Bottle, Green Cap, Very Spicy.

The importance of a daily brain dump

I did not know that brain dump was the technical term; I did not know it had a name until recently. When I scribbled emotions into my notebook, or banged them into the keyboard, I thought I was merely digesting the day’s events. 519 more words


Today This Is My Life

I’ve been lost this past while, trying to find my way back to me.

It seems this is something of a cycle for me.   Somehow I always thought I’d grow up or learn to be more emotionally resilient. 288 more words

Brain Dump


I am knackered, to the bones weary, entering into the last month of pregnancy is not easy especially with a toddler. I am in awe of the single mothers who do this, I’ve got help…a lot of help and I’m pretty spoilt so I really applaud the woman who are looking after their children without any help (even if you do have a partner – I could never do FIFO for example). 409 more words


Brain Dump: It Ain't Easy Being Wheezy

I wrote this yesterday. It’s blunt and it’s honest and I needed to share it.

I’m writing this sat on a train platform, wheezing.

I’ve just missed a train because it was at the other end of the platform and I couldn’t even power walk for it, let alone run. 485 more words

The importance of taking notes

“… the ability to make a note when something came to mind was the difference between being able to write and not being able to write.”

286 more words