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The Three Bs: Binder, Brain Dump, Bullet Journal

The Three Bs are a binder, a bullet journal, and a brain dump. Get your hands on all three (that’s the easy part) and learn how to use them (I’ll help!) and I promise, these are game changers. 1,364 more words


I wrote a thing...

…and it’s about to be torn asunder by the slavering, bloodthirsty spectators at The Writer’s Arena.

The story I submitted follows a prompt about… 290 more words

Brain Dump

My Brain Dump

I have tons of journals that I love, but my brain dump is one of my favorites.  I carry this book with me everywhere.  I even sleep with it. 367 more words

Brain Dump

Brain Dump

Basically, my blogging juices have run dry so I’m just going to write a list of stuff in my head.

  1. There is great need for a sarcasm font.
  2. 363 more words

My Notebook Obsession

I’ve become rather notorious for my notebooks. I have one with me constantly, and I take notes in every meeting in which I am a part.   602 more words

Zombies and battle mechs CAN be good for your health

I’m a data nerd who loves genre fiction and hates to sweat, so it was always a no-brainer that I would be gamifying my workouts this time around. 1,243 more words

Brain Dump

9/11 Thoughts

This is a thing I wrote about 9/11 in 2011 over in the journal world in which I live. Seemed worth updating and posting over here. 998 more words

Brain Dump