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Thoughtful Thursday - A Brain Dump

Hello Wonderlanders!

You probably wonder why I call you, my audience, “Wonderlanders”.   Well, I’ll admit it’s a bit of a mouthful to say, and maybe not all that original.   356 more words


Why I'm proud to be part of a BIMCrew

Two of the top 10 questions I get asked is “how do we share knowledge and how do we capitalise on the experience we have gained?”. 101 more words

Brain Dump

Tweet, Tweet

So Twitter. I have done as I said I would a couple of months ago and given Twitter another go. I have hooked this blog up to repost all my mindless drivel and well actually, I still don’t understand every about it, but I am actually enjoying interacting with the people on it. 141 more words


Dear Other Mother at the Grocery Store

This post has been on my heart for a few weeks now. The woman ahead of us in the checkout lane at the store looked overwhelmed…and was doing her best. 396 more words

Family Life

A Blog-Length Brain Dump

Today I’m going to take up at least 500 words discharging the random contents of my brain.  Please bear with me, folks.  I think it may be worth it. 538 more words

On Social Learning

For learning to be successful it has to have a social ingredient in it.

Months ago, I couldn’t care less about learning theories. After lessons in my Developmental Psychology class, I got a brush off the major pillars of learning.  

428 more words
Brain Dump

Brain Dump #2

+ It’s another one of those days where I am too tired and frazzled for a real post. So you get… a BRAIN DUMP!

+ I spent two hours tonight setting Elise up with her own user on the new iMac and setting all the parental controls so she can’t buy things – it’s all working, except in all that time I only downloaded THREE apps for her that worked well enough to keep for her. 191 more words