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I'm not who I appear to be

Every morning I wake up next to my little girl and my husband. The alarm goes off and I snooze it until I’m supposed to be at work in 15 minutes. 291 more words

Work/Life Balance

Random Thought Friday

Some Random Thoughts for Ya’ll on This Sweet Friday:

♥ For someone who cracks an egg or two almost every morning and who’s raising five (we lost a chick yesterday :( ) chicks to have as egg-layers once we’re in the country, I really… 526 more words

House And Home

Brain Dump

Long time, no blog. I feel like I say that with every post.

- Miss M is 16 months old now and she is a chatterbox and a copycat. 487 more words

Brain Dump

Granite, Exercise, and Eating

Howdy folks – long time, no post! I’m pretty busy with the new house right now as we’ve come to the final stages of building … SUPER EXCITING! 688 more words

House And Home

brain-dump: laziness and procrastination

“Oh! I’ll just do it later”.


“I swear. 5 more minutes of Reign, and then I will start my essay”.

“I’ll just pull an all-nighter for this assignment. 600 more words


My ovaries exploded

I’m not a die-hard fan of Bruno Mars. I’m not “in the red zone”, so to speak. And I’m not even pregnant. But this, ohhh lord, this clip! 38 more words

Brain Dump