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Brain Fog...It's No Picnic...But I Have To Accept It...And I Will Learn to Laugh About It!

One of the multitude of symptoms of having sarcoidosis involves the slowing of brain function…often referred to as brain fog. The cause in not entirely known although in some cases it is directly related to having sarcoidosis of the neurological system. 829 more words

What It Is Like To Live With Sarcoidosis

Neurological Slump

What can I say the last two days have kind of really had me down in the dumps. It just seems like nothing can go right lately. 254 more words


Lyme Diary

Day 6 Faith

Today I went to a chapel and just prayed for healing. I have strong faith in Jesus Christ and sometimes it feels like faith is the only thing I have to keep me going. 1,042 more words


First Real Surrender

So today, my goal is to actually cut something out, and as my biggest hurdle is sugar, I’m going to tackle that. First order of business: a breakfast that doesn’t consist solely of starch and sugar. 285 more words


Battling Breast Cancer - From Fear to Courage: Changing the Diet

A plan empowers. Mine was to immediately change my diet by cutting out sugar. Cancer cells feed on it. I had gained weight over a 10 year period, and found myself trying to lose first, 15 pounds…then 20 pounds…then 30 pounds. 422 more words