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An encroaching fog...

I feel like I was originally a bright picturesque rainbow scene, the wind blowing through a misty day just enough to create prisms everywhere, shedding amazing hues on everything the light could touch. 205 more words

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How Do You Apologize For Your Brain?

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Before proper long-term Lyme treatment on the left, and after proper treatment on the right. The left image reveals an oxygen starved brain. 650 more words


Thursday 18 December 2014 Meme Images

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If Santa Claus Had Brain Fog

If Santa Claus had brain fog, he might have problems with dates.

He might lose important stuff.

He might forget everyone’s names.

Brain fog might interfere with Santa’s innate sense of direction, forcing him to rely on technology. 229 more words

Chronic Illness

Having to eat gluten…..

So my son is the only one in my family who was never tested for celiac. We were given some pretty bad advice when Celiac kid was first diagnosed and told that it was highly unlikely to have a second child with Celiac. 414 more words