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Day 21 - half way to 40

My bathroom scale and I are friends again. In 20 days of the Daniel diet, I have lost at least 21 lbs. It’s actually probably more, because around 10 days before I started this… 1,046 more words

Getting The 'ell Out Of Flab

In the land of what if's

It started Sunday night. As I was saying goodbye to my mother after our usual Sunday dinner at her place, she mentioned she’d read somewhere that 7 am was the best hour to wake up. 687 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Brain Fog: the fuzzy caterpillars crawling around my forehead

It feels like fuzzy caterpillars crawling around inside my forehead. Not exactly in my sinuses, it’s not the same as a sinus headache. The feeling exists somewhere between my sinuses and the microscopic energetic layer between my my skin and the surface tension of the air. 688 more words


For Fun/Support: Memes the word! ;)

Brain fog..What day is it again?! (checking every half hour) How long ago did the weekend happen? Oh wow, it was just yesterday!!! What did I do this morning and what am I supposed to be doing today and this week? 238 more words

Long but good day

Well, I was so tired last night but could only sleep for 4+ hours. Around 5am I realized that even though my head felt foggy, I was basically alert and so I got up and went slowly, calmly through my morning.  126 more words


Clouding of Consciousness

A neural mist descends
A heavy weight on mind
A plague of obstacles progress
Inhibiting in kind

A nebula that masks all thoughts
Miasmic effluent… 111 more words


Hemp Oil for Brain Fog

I cannot think of a single individual who I have spoken with who is enduring, or has endured, chronic Lyme disease void of brain fog. It is crushing, and if you ask a person to explain what it feels like whilst experiencing it, they simply cannot do so in a way that does it justice. 437 more words