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"Please notice when you are happy"

I’ve come across this Kurt Vonnegut quote twice in one week and in light of some crappy fatigue-related things I thought I’d better write about it. 1,200 more words


Guest post: Nita Dozer Thatcher On The Subject of Husbands

A dear friend from a closed FaceBook group wrote the following, and I had to share it, with her permission, because it is hilarious and she definitely deserves wider distribution! 945 more words

CFS - Living And Writing With ME/CFS/CFIDS

My mind is a blank

Yep, so here I am staring at this screen trying to figure out what to write and my mind is a blank.  Really, a blank.  All day I’ve been thinking about witty and informative blog posts, but I’ve got nothing.   246 more words

Breast Cancer

Pushing and Crashing (and going round the bend)

I’ve been a bit absent from this blog these last two weeks as I have got in to a nasty little habit of pushing too hard and then crashing. 1,180 more words


Writer RELAX: this is (probably) not the final draft

I keep forgetting this is not the end of the world: there will be more time.*

[*This is another milestone: Post #300.]

Last draft? Probably not. 1,257 more words

CFS - Living And Writing With ME/CFS/CFIDS

Testosterone: 5 Reasons to Get Checked

Almost all men experience an age-related decline in testosterone at the rate of about 1 percent per year beginning around age 20, Eisenberg told Yahoo Health.

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A Deeper Look At My Life Changes

I have been on this health journey much more purposefully within the last few months; I am now in to month 3. Before this I wasn’t the world’s most unhealthy eating person, I would stop through fast food a few times a week choose whatever I wanted with no thought to it. 1,803 more words