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Quinoa: The All Energy Superfood

About a week ago after eating quinoa for the first time, I felt more energy than I felt in my entire life. For the entire day afterward, I could feel the energy pumping through my body. 130 more words

Quick Quinoa Salad


This is going to be a quickie. You’re my study break.

For dinner tonight I BBQ’d some chicken breasts in a quick (word of the night?) marinade and felt like making a quinoa salad to go with. 234 more words

Healthy Kid Pinto Bean Wrap

Kids love sandwich wraps in their lunch boxes with any number of different fillings. Cooking from scratch with fresh produce from the garden makes even simple wraps wholesome and nutritious. 160 more words


Creativity through food/coffee

Amaze site¬†about creative secrets to increasing brain power through the foods you eat. Also how you eat them. Really easy to real and gives examples of stunning web design to show that ‘you can do this too if you eat these foods’ 26 more words


Brain Food

It happens to the best of us: we’re working on homework and suddenly– BAM– the pang of hunger hits us and productivity is lost. No need to panic and reach for the nearest bag of potato chips. 88 more words

Philadelphia Virtual Academy

16 Important Power Foods to Eat During Finals

The Brainy Basics

In your brain you have a whole lot of tiny electrical pathways, specifically, acetylcholine pathways that control the function of your cortex, hippocampus, and other regions in your noggin. 1,147 more words

Students Food For Thought

“People die of common sense.”

Brain Food