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Beginner's Guide to Blue Mind

I have just come across the most amazing book. The title is Blue Mind. I first heard about it on the Weather Channel one morning. 476 more words


Gastrodin & Magnesium - Truly a cure or nonsense?

I was reading a magazine in my doctors office yesterday –  Life Extension Magazine and it had an article about using Gastrodin and Magnesium for brain health and even perhaps repair due to injury and age. 154 more words


Excelerol Review

We are all searching for that next peak in awareness, short of hard drugs. Excelerol may be the answer. This is the list of ingredients in this product (along with my feeble attempt to tell you what they are used for or help with): 253 more words


The Inflammation-Depression Connection by Majid Ali, M.D.

Majid Ali, M.D.

June 27, 2014

Inflamed people are stressed people, and chronic inflammation leads  to pain and anxiety. When such people become depressed, it is a common practice to call its situational depression. 43 more words

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Isolation and hallucinations: the mental health challenges faced by astronauts - Why the mental health of astronauts is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to successful space missions

The sight of the entire Earth, visible to the naked eye, has had a profound effect on those who have seen it. Astronaut William McCool described it as “beyond imagination”, and many have written how space flight permanently altered how they saw their place in the universe. 851 more words

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Exercise benefits the brain and the body

This animated video discussed the brain’s ability to take advantage of benefits from exercise. Similar to the body, exercise strengthens the brain and adds to the “brain reserve,” even if it is previously damaged. 43 more words

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Physical Exercise in Old Age Can Stimulate Brain Fitness, But Effect Decreases with Advancing Age

Neuroscientists studied older adults exercising on the treadmill

Physical exercise in old age can improve brain perfusion as well as certain memory skills. This is the finding of Magdeburg neuroscientists who studied men and women aged between 60 and 77. 809 more words

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The study included extensive tests of the volunteers’ physical condition and memory. Furthermore, the study participants were examined by magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This technique enables detailed insights into the interior of the brain. For more, check out my Page Important Facts About Your Brain (and Exercise). Tony