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[WEB SITE] Here is a 20 Second Test To Check Your Overall Brain Health You Can Do Right Now

Quick test that predicts poor brain health and cognitive decline.

Having difficulty balancing on one leg for over 20 seconds has been linked to poor brain health and problems with memory, language and attention in a large new study. 270 more words


Study shows that micronutrients are a viable treatment for stress following a natural disaster

New Zealand researchers recently published a study in Human Psychopharmacology, following up on a study they did regarding anxiety and EMPowerplus.

In 2011, Christchurch, New Zealand, experienced a 6.3 earthquake that killed nearly 200 people and injured as many as 2000. 162 more words

Brain Health

Optimize brain health

Optimize brain health

OK! NOW to the cool and also sci-fi like info with gobs and gobs of scientific proof;all you need to do is google and you will see that the info I’m going to give you will keep your brain in it’s best cognitive shape and I’ll explain what that means which is essentially how to optomize brain health. 508 more words

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Tips for Improving EMPowerplus’s Effectiveness

Changing from a medication-centric treatment program to a micronutrient-centric one for mental wellness can be intimidating for some people. Here are a few tricks that may hopefully make your transition easier. 176 more words

Brain Health