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Upbeat Living:  Getting A Bigger Better Brain!

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Got memory problems?  Feel stressed when you can’t remember things?  Want to prevent or minimize Alzheimer’s Disease?  797 more words


Get Active: Move your body, support your brain health

A recent study  at the University of Maryland made a connection between moderate physical activity and protecting your brain from Alzheimer’s disease. The study’s researchers suggest that physical activity can help slow age-related shrinking of the hippocampus. 111 more words

Brain Health

5 Tips Doctors Recommend to Boost Your Memory

Sleep Well

To have a solid memory, it is vitally crucial to give your brain adequate rest. The quality of sleep you get can affect your brain’s capacity to recognize recently learned information.  359 more words

General Health & Wellness

Benefits of Oil-Change Diet

I know that it may seem like a lot of hype to say that The Oil-Change Diet can reduce heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, cancer, blood pressure, asthma, allergies, pain, depression etc., but the truth is it probably does even more. 227 more words

My Blonde Brain ::2:: : What to do what to do...

As I left off with in my last post, there is hope for my battered brain. Which is good, because after researching and confirming the little I… 394 more words

WSJ: Are Seven Hours of Sleep Better Than Eight?

Hmmm too much slew is BAD for your heart??? I must say that, of late, 7 hours has seemed optimum – tho it may take 8 hours in bed to get 7 hours of sleep. 255 more words

Business Productivity

Exercise Your Brain For Entrepreneurial Success

Your business growth could be restricted by some familiar trains of thought.

Source: www.entrepreneur.com

We know how beneficial exercise is for our bodies. Turns out it’s good for your brain too, “boosting brain activity, providing a sense of accomplishment, and enhancing memory and processing speed…”

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