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5 steps to improve your brain health

Everyone knows it’s important to exercise your body and maintain a healthy diet if you want to reach optimal physical fitness, but experts say we are neglecting a very important part of our health. 711 more words


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Staying in shape physically is only half of the equation, and as people live longer and longer with the progression of medical technology, it’s time mankind took a serious look at how to improve brain health. It’s important to learn how to treat your brain properly, especially since it is the key to making sure the rest of the body is in working order. Check out my previous post on the 12 Mental Benefits of Exercise. Don't miss my Page Important Facts About Your Brain (and Exercise Benefits), as well as What Are the Best Foods for My Brain? Tony

Dear Happy Brains

This is a unique story from a unique woman. I appreciate the awareness she works to create and her strength in having to endure the slow loss of a parent while simultaneously perpetually smiling, singing, and acting goofy and light-hearted. 556 more words

Staying Healthy for Back to School – Naturally

Back to school is in full swing, and at our house it is almost busier than summer. There is so much going on this time of year – new schools, new teachers, after school activities, library books, instruments, homework, lunches, carpools and the list just keeps going. 785 more words

Lithium - A Brain Nutrient Series Part Five: Lithium for Mood and Depression

                                                                         Majid Ali, M.D.

Lithium gave Lithia Springs and Lithia Water their names. Many healing benefits were attributed to Lithia Water during the years of early American history and the water pulled people from long distances for healing hopes. 335 more words

Majid Ali MD

How Food Affects Your Brain - growing healthy neuron connections with the right nutrients

Psychiatrist Dr. Drew Ramsey discusses how poor diets and a lack of nutrients have harmed our brains, contributing to anxiety and depression, and why a client who visits him now for problems with her love life might just leave his office with a bunch of kale. 54 more words

Thriving As A Student

6 Things That Improve Your Memory

Posted by Casie Terry

What’s worse than not being able to remember something when it’s right on the tip of your tongue? It’s infuriating. And worse, it only happens more frequently as the years pass. 480 more words


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Some helpful ideas here on building up the old memory muscles. r4_light-brain Regular readers know that I feel strongly about keeping the brain as well as the body healthy. Please check out my Important Facts About your Brain (and Exercise) for further details. Tony