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Brain Rule #2 - Exercise

A True Story of a Strong Man

A man had been handcuffed, shackled, and thrown into California’s Long Beach Harbor, where he was quickly fastened to a floating cable. 386 more words


Quote of the Day: The Brain Rules

“Most of us have no idea how our brain works. This has strange consequences. We try to talk on our cell phones and drive at the same time, even though it is literally impossible for our brains to multitask when it comes to paying attention.

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Rock Your Midterms with Dr. John Medina’s Brain Rules (Part 2 of 2)

Time for more brain rules!

#7: “Sleep well, think well.”

Your brain is so amazing that it even processes information while you sleep! While you sleep at night, your brain is consolidating and processing the information that you took in during the day. 493 more words

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Rock Your Midterms with Dr. John Medina's Brain Rules (Part 1 of 2)

Midterms are only days away! What are you doing to prepare? Are you planning on spacing out your studying? Getting a friend to quiz you? Using your study guides or flash cards? 560 more words

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12 steps to help your child focus.

People today are very distracted with all sorts of things. Even while writing this post, I find myself looking at my immediate surroundings looking to get distracted.   1,073 more words


Brain Rule #1 - Survival

In the previous post, I mentioned that in order to enhance students’ focus and brain power, there are 12 main rules to follow.  I briefly mentioned what the 12 steps are and that each week, we will go over one or two rules. 612 more words


The 7 (plus 5) ways to Enhance Your Child's Brain Power

Standing at the doorway of my classroom, I observe Johnny (insert any student name here) dragging himself into class every morning. Johnny seems exhausted, stressed, distant, and definitely not ready for a day of being stuck in the classroom for 8 hours. 242 more words