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Sentenced to adulthood without an adolescent trial period

I forget who said it. Kids know where babies come from, but they can’t figure out where adults are coming from.

We hear that the school stab-and-slash kid will be “tried as an adult.” What does that mean? 404 more words


3 Secrets to Porn-Immune Kids

How do you immunize kids against porn? How do you porn-proof them so your kids stay safe online?  It’s no different than the many other dangers you train your kids to deal with–first you warn them, but then you’ve got to practice “what you preach” so they can react appropriately when they are exposed. 943 more words


Cool Math use in Music, Science, and Technology for Math Awareness Month

In honor of Math Awareness month #MathAware, here are my cool uses of math in music, science, and technology.

In music, I use math in my percussion with drum circles in the various time structures & types of rhythms. 253 more words

Drum Circles

The Search for Happiness

I’m reading Sonja Lyubomirsky’s The How of Happiness for a class. The book reviews the literature, science, and research around how happiness works.

Sounds like a pleasant topic, doesn’t it? 579 more words

More on personality problems

I discussed some of my problems with the word personality and how it is used in an earlier post.

This morning, I found an wonderful post by Robert Priddy that put the matter well. 682 more words

Functional Interpersonal Meta Linguistics (FIML)

Are We the 60 Percent? Claims about Attachment as an Evidence Base for Family Policy

Last month, the Sutton Trust published Baby Bonds: parenting, attachment and a secure base for children, which argued for a renewed focus on babies’ and toddlers’ relationships with their parents, understood in terms of attachment theory, in order to allow children to ‘flourish’, affecting outcomes related to health, education and crime. 1,574 more words

Think Yourself Thin

To be able to think yourself thin is surely a

load of codswallop?

But hear me out.

I have been doing quite bit of reading on… 604 more words

Fat Loss