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Five ways that being a perfectionist is getting in the way of what you want #diffimooc #oltak

Even though I constantly fight it, I am a staunch perfectionist – It’s an ongoing struggle: a part of my personality that I can’t seem to escape. 769 more words

Brain Science

Memory and the Challenger

Today is the 29th anniversary of the Challenger shuttle disaster, so I thought I’d talk about how that event helped pull back the curtain on how memory works, and perhaps more importantly, how memory can be deceptive. 570 more words


What Old-Timey Photography Can Teach You About Writing

Let’s start with a universal question. Or, if you prefer, a cliché: What were you doing when you heard that an airplane had crashed into the twin towers? 722 more words


You Might Not Need Eyes To See!!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I listen to NPR every morning on the way to work. I love it because I am able to get a dose of daily events without having to spend a lot of time reading news. 290 more words


Hand Gestures Reveal Complex Thoughts - Business Insider

What do our bodies and , in particular, our hands show us about our information processing?

The body knows more than we know……

fascinating… 22 more words

Focused Coaching

The Brain Science of Fan Behavior in Football, Basketball and Team Sports

This is that time of year we football fans go into withdrawal. First it was college football ending its season. Now, we await next Sunday’s Super Bowl with the NFL’s final game. 473 more words


The Next Frontier in Workplace Diversity: Brain Differences

By Katherine Reynolds Lewis in Fortune

Workers must learn to understand and manage their own brain differences and how and when to disclose it to colleagues and supervisors. Read more…

Brain Science