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Big Brained Oprah becomes first multibillionaire black in North American history

Because historically, craniometry and Social Darwinism were used to diminish women, blacks, and the lower classes, I have long found it incredibly inspirational that Oprah (a poor black girl from the rural South) grew up to… 290 more words


Pumpkin Person is getting TRASHED!!!

It’s a gorgeous Canadian night…one of the few relatively warm nights we have left and I’m heading out for a night of drinking. Despite the incredible joy alcohol brings me, I try not to drink more than a couple nights a year because I strongly believe alcohol has an absolutely devastating long-term effect on fluid intelligence, and to a lesser extent, crystallized intelligence too…I would estimate that regular alcohol consumption subtracts about 5 fluid IQ points a decade. 272 more words

The IQ & brain size of Homo erectus

Experiments suggest that it’s not until a child is seven that she has the mental capacity to create the kind of stone tools Homo erectus… 376 more words

Estimating the IQ of Geniuses from their average brain size

On page 124 of scholar Stephen Jay Gould’s The Mismeasure of Man, he writes about a fascinating era when men of eminence (culturally recognized Geniuses; Nobel Prize winners) donated their brains to science. 535 more words

Of shrinking brains and modern anxieties

A recent piece in Discover magazine highlights research on changes in brain size over the last 20 000 years. Contrary to what you might expect, the findings seem to point to decreasing size up until very recently (the last century or so, when better nutrition and public health measures became available). 909 more words