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Multiple regression predicts Oprah's IQ using income & brain size

In my last post, I noted, that in addition to being arguably the world’s most powerful and prosperous woman (at least at the peak of her career), Oprah is also the… 990 more words

Even above IQ 150, the Flynn Effect is huge.

As I explained in a previous post, a popular belief is that the Flynn Effect disproportionately impacts the lower parts of the bell curve.  The reason this theory is so popular is because hypothesized causes of the Flynn Effect (increased schooling, better nutrition) are assumed to help primarily the most disadvantaged people, but have diminishing returns as you move up the scale.   1,017 more words

Did climate change make my dad smart?

For Father’s Day, here’s a write-up of some research I heard about at the Royal Society conference me and my dad went to earlier this week (I highly recommend them, they’re free and fantastic) – Happy Fathers’ Day, Dad! 711 more words


IQ, cold winters, agriculture & the rise & fall of the Middle East

Psychologist Richard Lynn has long championed the controversial theory that cold winters selected for higher IQ because prehistoric humans had to be smarter to figure out how to survive in a cold climate than a warm one.   548 more words

Explaining the Flynn Effect

One of the biggest mysteries in psychology is the Flynn Effect; the fact that over the 20th century, people have been performing better and better on IQ tests.   1,238 more words

Consciousness: Much Ado About (Almost) Nothing?

Consciousness is like the weather. Since everybody experiences it everybody has an idea about it.

Philosophers take it as their unique prerogative since without it they would have no field. 1,802 more words