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Brain's End?

There’s a growing body of evidence that our brains are growing smaller 

According to paleoanthropologist John Hawks, “Over the past 20,000 years, the average volume of the human male brain has decreased from 1,500 cubic centimeters to 1,350 cc, losing a chunk the size of a tennis ball.” 1,412 more words


My Big Fat Neanderthal Family Wedding

Was there a population that never experienced discrimination?  Prejudice has an ancient pedigree, perhaps wired into the human psyche. I was musing whether Neanderthal people bore it first and endured the stigma longest.   1,710 more words



Damn epilepsy medicine is so expensive I’ve lowered my dosage a bit, which seems OK. Our brains shrink with age, the big giant twenty something thing squeezed into our skull at 23 or 24 has been reduced by maybe a per cent a year since then (tho’ not in every case), so maybe there are just less neurons for the medication to cover. 172 more words


Discover's HBD kit: Some assembly required

You can’t send firearms via U.S. mail, and you shouldn’t try to transport explosives with your carry-on luggage on a commercial flight. But it is possible to transport the components, and then assemble them later. 558 more words

Nurture Vs. Nature And I.Q.

How are the brains of autistic children different?

The behaviors of autistic children are different when compared to the behaviors of non-autistic children. So it sounds reasonable that there could be measurable anatomical differences in the brains of autistic children. 348 more words

Can 'ape-like' actually be 'human-like'?

I’m reading up on life history in Homo erectus for a few projects I’m working on, and something’s just caught my eye. A 2012 issue of  451 more words

Early Homo

Big Brained Oprah becomes first multibillionaire black in North American history

Because historically, craniometry and Social Darwinism were used to diminish women, blacks, and the lower classes, I have long found it incredibly inspirational that Oprah (a poor black girl from the rural South) grew up to… 290 more words