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How do I intercept selective methods and classes in JAX-RS in Java EE 7 compliant container?

I want to intercept any class or methods annotated with @Foo

Class level interception:

public class Attack {...}

Method level interception:

public class defend {

public String myMethod(){....}
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Application Cards

In Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon (2012) talks about creating a “swipe file … a file to keep track of the stuff you’ve swiped from others” (p. 287 more words

Teaching Strategies

Better Brainstorming: Preparing for the Chase

Brainstorming has been identified as an important activity for generating ideas and tapping into creative thinking to address issues from fresh perspectives. Many discuss the goals of brainstorming as generating a large quantity of ideas in an environment where criticism and judgment are withheld, ensuring all ideas — even the “wacky” ones — are put on the table for later consideration. 261 more words

Teaching Strategies

Nanowrimo 2014: Brain Storming

To start off any type of writing one of the best things you can do to help yourself is to brain storm. Lots of us have been taught how to brain storm in elementary schools. 366 more words

how to perform CDI of POJO's into beans in Java EE container without @Inject annotation?

Q1) It is mentioned in the JavEE 7 tutorial that CDI injections can happen only in container manager objects such as servlets, EJB’s and managed bean. 141 more words


Romans & Rambling

I’ve been putting too much pressure on my writing lately. It’s like I expect every single sentence I write should come out complete and expressive of exactly what I am thinking, but ultimately it just frustrates me and I compulsively bake some bizarre dessert or research careers in PR. 544 more words


When Things Don't Go According to Plan

I think most of us have experienced a time in life when things just did not go according to our plan, like how I planned to get this post written this morning, but found myself at physical therapy instead. 753 more words