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When Things Don't Go According to Plan

I think most of us have experienced a time in life when things just did not go according to our plan, like how I planned to get this post written this morning, but found myself at physical therapy instead. 753 more words

Better Brainstorming: Preparing for the Chase

By Karen Hein

Brainstorming has been identified as an important activity for generating ideas and tapping into creative thinking to address issues from fresh perspectives. Many discuss the goals of brainstorming as generating a large quantity of ideas in an environment where criticism and judgment are withheld, ensuring all ideas — even the “wacky” ones — are put on the table for later consideration. 261 more words

Teaching Strategies

unable to download maven repositories due to custom settings.xml?

Here is my situation:

I am able to run mvn install on my personal computer and the build successful.

But when I run the same at workstation, I get the following error. 406 more words


Politix Brain Storm with Mynarski Councillor Candidate Dave Capar

On Saturday August 23rd, Mynarski Councillor Candidate Dave Capar met with youth at our weekly Brain Storm at Neechi Commons.

Dave introduced himself by the name ‘Silver Wolf’ and said that was his spirit animal. 661 more words

Are stateful beans managed by container or the application in EJB?

Here is a paragraph from an oracle blog that I read recently.

This behavior is very different from that of Stateful session beans. A Stateful session bean instance needs to be explicitly removed by the client with the invocation of a method annotated with @Remove. 279 more words


how is state of instance variables of a stateless bean preserved for next invocation in EJB?

I am reading Java EE7 documentation and here is what it says for stateless bean. I am confused with what is meant by the statement marked in bold below… 349 more words


how is the @RequestScoped bean instance provided to @SessionScoped bean in runtime here?

I am reading through this example in JBoss where a @RequestScoped bean backing up JSF page is used to pass the user credential information which is then saved in a… 461 more words