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Wednesday's Riddle (7/23/14)

How did it begin, no one really knows
With a messenger, so the legend goes.
Nineteen plus seven and just a bit more
No matter your age it’ still a big chore. 6 more words

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QuizUp: The app that will light up your brains.

Last month, I kept on looking for applications I can use with my phone. An application I will enjoy for the long-term. Then as I browse through the Google Play Store, I found the app that will change my life forever. 408 more words


Tuesday's Riddle (7/22/14)

A spring festival with a rhyming name
The first of the fifth, each year it’s the same.
It’s used in distress, three times in a row… 18 more words

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Monday's Riddle (7/21/14)

Epic is one place where it can be found
It’s in the middle but it can’t be bound.
It’s hard to figure, to some it is Greek… 33 more words

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#Answer Daily #Challenge - July 20, 2014 - Sunday's #Brainteaser

Answer to the July 20, 2014 Daily Challenge.

Sunday Brain Teaser
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

When you curtail a word, you remove the last letter and still have a valid word. 145 more words

Daily Challenge


Find 82 bottles in the large image within 2 minutes Challenge friends to find them faster. Mouse

Read more at http://loadsagames.com/absolut/

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Sunday's Riddle (7/20/14)

Though it is not sweet, it still has a cake
Though it’s not broken, it still has a break.
It’s often all wet and as black as coal… 15 more words

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