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New quiz question 4/24. Expires 4/25 at 11PM.

Question: What is the least number of times the minute hand on an analog clock can face 12 o’clock in a given month?

If you think you know the right answer, click the “Buy Now” button to place a $5 bet through Paypal. 167 more words

Thursday's Riddle (4/24/14)

There is a farmer he and had a wife
She was to be feared when holding a knife.
Not able to see and yet quite a sight… 15 more words

Brain Teaser

New quiz question 4/23. Expires 4/24 at 11PM. Bet now to win. Multiple choice logic question.

Question:  Sue lives in Idaho and often visits her sister Mary in Washington, because Mary lives in Washington.  Mary visits Sue in Idaho only occasionally.  However, Mary and Sue sometimes meet in the summer in Texas.   267 more words

Wednesday's Riddle (4/23/14)

With no beginning as well as no end
Just one complete turn will make a Greek friend.
It has but two side, one in and one out… 15 more words

Brain Teaser

New quiz question 4/22. Expires 4/23 at 11PM. This question you have to really visualize. Good luck!


John is standing three feet directly in front of Sarah and they are facing each other.  Three feet to Sarah’s right is Paul.  Three feet to John’s right is Greg.  241 more words

Tuesday's Riddle (4/22/14)

If I had a name, my name would be Quinn
I won’t ever cry, you won’t see me grin.
I don’t say a word, I stay in one spot… 33 more words

Brain Teaser

New quiz question 4/21. Expires 4/22. Another tough logic and math question. Bet now.

Question:  John averages sleeping eight hours a night for the first three weeks of a month.  In the fourth week, he unfortunately does not get his full eight hours of nightly sleep, because he gets seven hours of sleep Sunday night through Saturday night of week 4.   197 more words