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New quiz question 4/20. Expires 4/21 at 11PM. This is a probability and logic question.

Question:  If there is a 1% of the world ending next year, what is the chance the world will end in the next 100 years? 197 more words

New quiz question 4/20. Expires 4/20 at 11PM. Bet now if you know the answer.

Question: In the following series of numbers, what number is missing?
4, 7, 25, 10, ? , 20, 16, 19

If you think you know the right answer, click the “Buy Now” button to place a $5 bet through Paypal. 167 more words

Sunday's Riddle (4/20/14)

There is a sentence that’s second to none
It possesses all, not missing a one.
Like all your letters stuffed in your mail box
“Quick lazy brown dog jumps over the fox”. 6 more words

Brain Teaser

Saturday's Riddle (4/19/14)

I use my two arms to go up and down
Seen in the city as well as in town.
Without touching you, I will hold you back… 16 more words

Brain Teaser

New Quiz Question 4/19. Expires 4/19 at 11PM. Bet now to win big by hitting that PayPal button.

Question:  Five people witnessed a murder and they each gave a slightly different description of the suspect.  Which description is most likely to be correct? 237 more words

My four friends (a riddle)

I’ve four dear friends, I love them each

But neither knows each other

It seems they’re barely out of reach

Although they may be brothers… 65 more words


Friday's Riddle (4/18/14)

Pulling on a rope, climbing a ladder
Even though not there, it doesn’t matter.
Found inside a box that doesn’t exist
Drawing quite a crowd and hard to resist. 6 more words

Brain Teaser