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The Best Ways to Sharpen Your IQ

Posted By Deepak Chopra MD on linkedin.com

A tuned-up brain works much better than a carelessly used one.


When they were first devised, IQ tests were intended to be bias-free.
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The class that I was going to use as the rewiring experiment has changed. Have signed up for another class that starts in a week and a half. 91 more words

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How cartoons might improve healthcare

Navigating tough conversations that affect mental health: apparently, there’s an app for that. Or actually, at least 15 apps.

Kognito just launched an app to help physicians discuss childhood weight gain with families, adding to their collection of simulation apps for healthcare sensitivity training. 886 more words


After Symptoms Subside, Brain Injury Still Evident After Concussions

Published By Robert Glatter in forbes.com

Being able to estimate or foresee long-term effects is quite difficult and challenging.

Specialized MRI brain scans, using a technique referred to as diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), demonstrate evidence of ongoing brain abnormalities nearly four months after a mild brain injury or concussion, even after most symptoms have significantly subsided, based on new research published online, November 20, 2013 in the Journal,

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How Neurofeedback at Vital Health Helped Me Feel Happier


 NeuroFeedback is actually just meditating with a ‘reward’ system.

Think of the most annoying person you have EVER MET. Come on, we all know one.
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7 Weird Brain Tricks That Make You Smarter

Published By Deidre Wengen, JANUARY 28, 2014 in menshealth.com

Gain a mental edge in the shower, on the dance floor, and more


It happened again: You spaced during an important meeting at work.
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Writing with CFS and brain fog: Tradeoffs

The old me

Since last year – at about the same time of year (!), when I posted my 3 part series, Rules 1-10, … 1,140 more words

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