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Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto calls 'passive' entertainment 'pathetic' in appeal to core fans

After years of trying to make games for everybody, it sounds like Nintendo wants to return to making games for its hardcore base.

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto is expressing frustration¬†with people who enjoy entertainment — including games — on a “passive” level, according to an interview with… 555 more words


Every Kid Needs Access To Brain Training

Every kid needs access to brain training because schools are not equipped to help students reach their full intellectual potential. As much parents may like to believe it, schools are not perfect places in which to educate a child. 818 more words

Brain Training

Brian Health Improvement

The web is full of claims on how to improve brain health or how to train your brain to be sharper. This article is about separating the wheat from the chaff when it comes to dispensing brain health advice. 2,942 more words

Brain Training

Scientific Evidence On Brain Training

When we read articles online about brain training, it would appear that parts of the media and the science community would have us believe this is little or no scientific evidence on the benefits of doing brain training. 1,112 more words

Brain Training

Do you live in Egypt? Do you have a child who is struggling?

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Do you live in Egypt and have a child who is suffering academically? Take our quick questionnaire and see if we can help; Click on the link above to begin. 58 more words


Who we are and what we do.... The Lighthouse Learning Centre Maadi Egypt.

As Egypt’s number one leading Brain Training and Learning Centre, we try our hardest to offer a wide range of intervention programs which will enable us to help all children within our community. ¬† 347 more words