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Life...Death & One More To Go!

I must admit-life or death, has been a constant thought of mine. Since sustaining my head injury, I’ve had an overwhelming anxiety, and fascination with death. 255 more words

Brain Injury

Veteran With Traumatic Brain Injury Heals

Nebraska veteran who suffered traumatic brain injury couldn’t heal until he shed his shame


Physical therapist Daina Podraza makes note of Ryan Sharp’s balance abilities during a session at the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln that involved the use of a computerized exercise machine. 2,243 more words


The certainty of uncertainty

In my ongoing quest to get to the bottom of my annoyingly reduced sleep, I received the results of a recent MRI of my brain when I visited my family doctor yesterday and the report was clearly not written for me to comprehend.  351 more words


Perception Is A Bitch

Perception is a fickle bitch.

We “see” the world through our own unique filters and experiences.  That little Stay-Puff Marshmallow between your ears contains some amazing circuitry, capable of firing off millions of messages to our central nervous system.   419 more words

James L'Etoile

The Dangers of Brain Trauma

Derek Boogaard was an enforcer for the Minnesota Wild and the New York Rangers of the NHL. During his career, spanning from junior hockey in Canada through his last concussion in 2010 after a fight with Matt Carkner of the Ottawa Senators, … 201 more words

Notes And Homework

Baby Batterers should receive Lengthier Sentences


what if it were your child…

When a grown man attacks a baby and nearly kills him, the charges should be more than those that someone receives for a man to man bar brawl!  394 more words

Little Roy

Hi Papa! Hi Gigi!


(click on the link above to view the short clip of Roy talking!)



Little Roy’s vocabulary increases everyday.

Here’s a quick peek at some of his newest… 98 more words

Little Roy