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I'm feeling nervous

So today was a tad chilly standing on the touchline watching Laree play football, holding on to the dog’s lead, but it’s nothing compared to how cold it will be on my #huskychallenge next April. 128 more words

Coffee Morning at Oka

I make no bones about my love of coffee and the gorgeousness that is OKA Direct. I’ve been drinking coffee for years and have been a loyal OKA customer for ages. 403 more words

The Gift of Being Present

We hear a lot about this these days, right? Be present. Live in the now. Don’t stress over past regrets or future worries. Well, let me tell you, that’s a challenge when you’re wondering if you’re going to need chemotherapy next month. 689 more words

Cancer Challenges

Hello Husky

I’ve surprised myself and everyone around me!

You see I am lazy. Not lazy as in “doesn’t do anything lazy” as I do lots, or lazy as in “lazy morning lie in idling away the day lazy”, oh no this lazy I refer to is “lazy at doing something that’s a little bit different, that will challenge me and is so far out of my comfort zone lazy”. 560 more words

My Friend Fynn

So this morning I woke up feeling a bit sad for myself and a bit fed up. My lymph drainage seems to have decided to take an early Christmas break leaving the swollen, spongy tissue feeling rather sore and pretty freaky looking. 850 more words

Waiting for the darkness to fall first before donating?

Tonight I am confused, bewildered and saddened. I should be feeling elated but feel totally the opposite. Blogging to see if, by putting it down in here it makes more sense to me. 529 more words

Internal Turmoil

Fly high on butterfly wings. :(

Today the sad news came from America that Brittany Maynard has ended her own battle against glioblastoma after moving to a State that allows people to “die with dignity”. 300 more words

Brain Tumours