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Mullholand Drive

I was seating comfortably practicing my talk. I was wearing a suit and a tie. My fellow passengers wore something more comfortable. It was an eleven-hour flight….The stewardess had already asked me a few times if I was comfortable in my suit…yes, yes I was! 3,037 more words

When No News is Good News

This is an old adage, time tested, the “no news is good news” idea. When I used to drive home for weekends from university, my mother used to say that I shouldn’t promise to call when I got back to school, because surely she would hear if something bad happened, and if I promised and then forgot, she would worry. 1,002 more words

Cancer Challenges

Identification, Please?

Recently, a friend asked me how I think my cancer diagnosis has affected my sense of identity. As we talked that over, I was able to articulate some ideas that had been kicking around in my mind for quite some time. 738 more words

Cancer Challenges

Why I Started a Blog

People have been asking me this a lot. I’d like to say something selfless like “to share all the information I’ve learned and hope to help someone else.” But that wouldn’t be really true, if I’m honest. 274 more words

Cancer Challenges

Sharing My Secret

I’m one of those people who have a few very dear close friends and family, and outside of that circle, I am actually quite private about personal details with acquaintances and professional colleagues. 1,483 more words

Cancer Challenges

Wistar scientists develop gene test to accurately classify brain tumors

(The Wistar Institute 18 February 2014) Scientists at the Wistar Institute have developed a mathematical method for classifying forms of glioblastoma, an aggressive and deadly type of brain cancer, through variations in the way these tumor cells ‘read’ genes. 50 more words

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